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अन्वय m. anvaya concord
अंवर्ण m. aMvarNa omikron [greek letter]
अण्वस्त्र n. aNvastra nuclear weapon
अन्वाख्याति verb 2 anvAkhyAti { anvA- khyA } enumerate
अन्वावपति verb 1 anvAvapati { anvA- vap } attach
अन्वावपति verb 1 anvAvapati { anvA- vap } append
अन्वा करोति verb anvA karoti { anvAkR } give to anyone to take with him
अन्वा करोति verb anvA karoti { anvAkR } give a portion to a daughter
अन्वाज्ञावलि f. anvAjJAvali submenu [computer]
आन्वयिककारक n. AnvayikakAraka relational operator [computer]
अन्वाधेय आधेयक n. anvAdheya Adheyaka property presented after marriage to the wife by her husband's family
आन्वयिकबीजगणित n. AnvayikabIjagaNita relational algebra [computer]
कदा आरभ्य अन्वयः? sent. kadA Arabhya anvayaH? When does it come into effect?
आन्वयिकदत्तांशप्रतिमान n. AnvayikadattAMzapratimAna relational data model [computer]
आन्वयिकदत्तांशप्रतिरूप n. AnvayikadattAMzapratirUpa relational data model [computer]
आन्वयिकदत्तांशनिधिप्रबन्धनसंविधा f. AnvayikadattAMzanidhiprabandhanasaMvidhA Relational Database Management System (RDBMS) [computer]
अण्व n. aNva fine interstice or hole in the strainer used for the soma juice
अन्वक् ind. anvak behind
अन्वक् ind. anvak afterwards
अन्वञ्च् adj. anvaJc following the direction of another
अन्वञ्च् adj. anvaJc going after
अन्वञ्च् adj. anvaJc following
अन्वञ्च् adj. anvaJc lying lengthwise
अन्वति verb 2 anvati { anvas } be near
अन्वति verb 2 anvati { anvas } be at hand
अन्वति verb 2 anvati { anvas } reach
अन्वाति verb 2 anvAti { anvA } blowing after
अन्वय m. anvaya connection
अन्वय m. anvaya tenor
अन्वय m. anvaya logical connection of words
अन्वय m. anvaya association
अन्वय m. anvaya posterity
अन्वय m. anvaya being linked to or concerned with
अन्वय m. anvaya purport
अन्वय m. anvaya logical connection of cause and effect
अन्वय m. anvaya relation
अन्वय m. anvaya logical connection
अन्वय m. anvaya natural order or connection of words in a sentence
अन्वय m. anvaya race
अन्वय m. anvaya or proposition and conclusion
अन्वय m. anvaya following
अन्वय m. anvaya syntax
अन्वय m. anvaya family
अन्वय m. anvaya succession
अन्वय m. anvaya drift
अन्वय m. anvaya construing
अन्वय m. anvaya lineage
अन्वय m. anvaya natural order of words
अन्वाधि m. anvAdhi remorse
अन्वाधि m. anvAdhi deposit delivered to another person to be handed over to a third
अन्वाधि m. anvAdhi bail or deposit given to any one for being delivered to a third person
अन्वाधि m. anvAdhi repentance
अन्वहम् n. anvaham day after day
अन्वहम् n. anvaham every day
अन्वक्ष adj. anvakSa following
अन्वक्ष adj. anvakSa following
अण्वन्त m. aNvanta hair-splitting question
अन्वस्त adj. anvasta shot along
अन्वस्त adj. anvasta shot
अन्वस्त adj. anvasta interwoven
अन्वस्त adj. anvasta chequered
अन्वास्ते verb 2 anvAste { anvAs } be seated at or near or round
अन्वास्ते verb 2 anvAste { anvAs } live in the proximity of
अन्वास्ते verb 2 anvAste { anvAs } be engaged in
अन्वास्ते verb 2 anvAste { anvAs } take a seat subsequently
अन्वयिन् adj. anvayin connected
अन्वयिन् adj. anvayin belonging to the same family
अन्वयुः Perfect anvayuH { anu- i } followed [act. pl.]
अन्वाचय m. anvAcaya laying down a rule of secondary importance
अन्वाचय m. anvAcaya connecting of a secondary action with the main action
अन्वाचित adj. anvAcita secondary
अन्वाचित adj. anvAcita inferior
अन्वादेश m. anvAdeza mentioning after
अन्वादेश m. anvAdeza repeated mention
अन्वादेश m. anvAdeza referring to what has been stated previously
अन्वादेश m. anvAdeza re-employment of the same word in a subsequent part of a sentence
अन्वादेश m. anvAdeza employment again of the same thing to perform a subsequent operation
अन्वाध्य m. anvAdhya kind of divinity
अन्वङ्गम् ind. anvaGgam after every member or part
अन्वङ्गम् ind. anvaGgam for every part of an action
अन्वग्रम् ind. anvagram from below to above
आन्वाहिक adj. AnvAhika daily
अन्वाहित adj. anvAhita deposited with a person to be delivered ultimately to the right owner
अन्वाकृति f. anvAkRti shaping after
अन्वाकृति f. anvAkRti imitation
अन्वक्षम् ind. anvakSam immediately after
अन्वक्षम् ind. anvakSam afterwards
अन्वर्थ adj. anvartha clear
अन्वर्थ adj. anvartha conformable to the meaning
अन्वर्थ adj. anvartha true to the sense
अन्वर्थ adj. anvartha significant
अन्वर्थ adj. anvartha agreeing with the true meaning
अन्वर्थ adj. anvartha having the meaning obvious
अन्वर्थ adj. anvartha intelligible
अन्वासन n. anvAsana sitting down after
अन्वासन n. anvAsana manufactory
अन्वासन n. anvAsana service
अन्वासन n. anvAsana house of industry
अन्वासन n. anvAsana regret
अन्वासन n. anvAsana unctuous or cooling enema
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