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अन्यदा ind. anyadA once
अन्यदा ind. anyadA in another case.
अन्यदा ind. anyadA at another time
अन्यदा ind. anyadA sometimes
अन्यदा ind. anyadA one day
अन्यदा indecl. anyadA at other times
अन्यदाशा f. anyadAzA bad desire or hope
अन्यदाशा f. anyadAzA anyat-kAraka
अन्यदाशिस् f. anyadAzis anyat-kAraka
अन्यदाशिस् f. anyadAzis bad desire or hope
अन्यधर्म adj. anyadharma having different characteristics
अन्यधर्म m. anyadharma different characteristic
अन्यधर्म m. anyadharma characteristic of another
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