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अपर adj. apara additional
अपर adj. apara another
अपराग m. aparAga aversion
अपराग m. aparAga dislike
अपराग m. aparAga disinclination
अपराध m. aparAdha crime
अपराध m. aparAdha guilt
अपराध m. aparAdha offence
अपराह्ण m. aparAhNa afternoon
अपराह्णे m. loc. aparAhNe in the afternoon
अपरथा adverb aparathA in another way
अपरत्र adverb aparatra otherwise
अपराधिन् adj. aparAdhin guilty
अपराधिन् m. aparAdhin abuser
अपराजित ppp. aparAjita undefeated
अपराजित ppp. aparAjita unconquered
अपरं च adverb aparaM ca again
अपरम् च indecl. aparam ca besides
आपराधिकी f. AparAdhikI criminology
आपराह्णिक adj. AparAhNika belonging to the latter part of the day
अपर-परागण n. apara-parAgaNa cross-pollination [Bot.]
अपरम् आनय ! sent. aparam Anaya ! Bring another one!
अपराधं करोति verb 8 aparAdhaM karoti { kR } offend
अपरं युतकम् एव नास्ति sent. aparaM yutakam eva nAsti There is no other shirt [here] at all.
एषः भवतः अपराधः न sent. eSaH bhavataH aparAdhaH na It is not your fault.
अपर adj. apara latter
अपर adj. apara ulterior
अपर adj. apara different
अपर adj. apara having nothing beyond or after
अपर adj. apara Sometimes apara is used as a conjunction to connect words or sentences e.g. aparaMca, moreover
अपर adj. apara following
अपार adj. apAra not having an opposite shore
अपर adj. apara being in the west of
अपर adj. apara having no rival or superior
अपर adj. apara western
अपार adj. apAra not having a shore
अपर adj. apara distant
अपर adj. apara posterior
अपर adj. apara inferior
अपार adj. apAra unbounded
अपर adj. apara other
अपर adj. apara moreover
अपर adj. apara later
अपर adj. apara lower
अपार adj. apAra boundless
अपरा f. aparA west
अपरा f. aparA hind quarter of an elephant
अपरा f. aparA womb
अपरा f. aparA exoteric vedAnta doctrine
अपर m. apara hind foot of an elephant
अपार m. apAra not the opposite bank
अपार m. apAra bank on this side
अपर m. apara others
अपार n. apAra kind of mental indifference or acquiescence
अपर n. apara future
अपार n. apAra reverse of mental acquiescence
अपर n. apara also
अपार n. apAra boundless sea
अपार n. apAra bad shore
अपार n. apAra difficult to be got at
अपार n. apAra reverse of pAra
अपरम् ind. aparam in the west of
अपरम् ind. aparam in future
अपरम् ind. aparam for the future
अपरम् ind. aparam again
अपरम् ind. aparam moreover
अपरम् indecl. aparam another
अपराग m. aparAga antipathy
अपराग m. aparAga discontent
अपराग m. aparAga dissatisfaction
अपरज adj. aparaja born later
अपरत adj. aparata turned off from
अपरत adj. aparata unfavourable to
अपरत adj. aparata resting
अपरता f. aparatA opposition
अपरता f. aparatA contrariety
अपरता f. aparatA relativeness
अपरता f. aparatA distance
अपरता f. aparatA nearness
अपरता f. aparatA posteriority
अपरव m. aparava contest
अपरव m. aparava dispute
अपरव m. aparava discord
अपराशा f. aparAzA western quarter
अपराध m. aparAdha fault
अपराध m. aparAdha transgression
अपराध m. aparAdha mistake
अपराध m. aparAdha to offend any one
अपराध m. aparAdha sin
अपराग्नि m. aparAgni southern and the western fire
अपराह्ण m. aparAhNa last watch of the day
अपरक्त adj. aparakta having a changed colour
अपरक्त adj. aparakta grown pale
अपरक्त adj. aparakta unfavourable
अपरान्त adj. aparAnta living at the western border
अपरान्त m. aparAnta death
अपरान्त m. aparAnta western extremity
अपरान्त m. aparAnta country or the inhabitants of the western border
अपरान्त m. aparAnta extreme end or term
अपरान्त m. aparAnta latter end
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