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अपत्य n. apatya offspring
अपथ्य n. apathya unwholesome thing
अपत्यप्रक्रिया f. apatyaprakriyA child process [computer]
मम अपत्यानि त्रीणि. sent. mama apatyAni trINi. I have three children.
तस्य कति अपत्यानि ? sent. tasya kati apatyAni ? How many children has he?
तस्य चत्वारि अपत्यानि sent. tasya catvAri apatyAni He has four children.
आपत्य adj. Apatya relating to the formation of patronymic nouns
आपात्य adj. ApAtya rushing on
आपात्य adj. ApAtya to be assaulted or attacked
आपात्य adj. ApAtya approaching in order to assault or attack
आपात्य adj. ApAtya assailing
अपत्य n. apatya child
अपत्य n. apatya patronymical affix
अपत्य n. apatya descendant
अपथ्य adj. apathya obnoxious
अपथ्य adj. apathya improper
अपथ्य adj. apathya unsuitable
अपथ्य adj. apathya unsuited
अपाठ्य adj. apAThya illegible
अपथ्य adj. apathya inconsistent
अपथ्य adj. apathya unfit
अपथ्य adj. apathya unwholesome as food or drink in particular complaints
अपत्यद adj. apatyada giving offspring
अपत्यानि n. pl. apatyAni children
अपत्यता f. apatyatA state of childhood
अपत्यसच् mfn. apatyasac accompanied with offspring
अपत्यवत् adj. apatyavat possessed of offspring
अपत्यकाम adj. apatyakAma desirous of offspring
अपथ्यभुज् adj. apathyabhuj eating what is forbidden
अपत्यनाथ adj. apatyanAtha accompanied or protected by one's own child
अपत्यपथ f. apatyapatha vulva
अपत्यपथ m. apatyapatha path of offspring
अपत्यस्नेह m. apatyasneha love for one's own children
अपत्यशत्रु m. apatyazatru having his descendants for enemies
अपत्यशत्रु m. apatyazatru crab
अपथ्यनिमित्त adj. apathyanimitta caused by unfit food or drink
अपत्यप्रत्यय m. apatyapratyaya patronymical affix
अपत्यविक्रयिन् m. apatyavikrayin seller of his offspring
अपत्यविक्रयिन् m. apatyavikrayin father who receives a gratuity from his son-in-law
तस्याः अपत्यानि n. pl. tasyAH apatyAni her children
अपत्य आपत्यार्थशब्द m. apatya ApatyArthazabda patronymic
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