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सामग्री f. sAmagrI apparatus
यन्त्र n. yantra apparatus
उपकरण n. upakaraNa apparatus
रोगाणुनास्हित्र n. rogANunAshitra disinfector [apparatus]
प्रचूषणसाधित्र n. pracUSaNasAdhitra absorption apparatus
प्रचूडित्र n. pracUDitra absorption apparatus
उपकर्ण-सधित्र n. upakarNa-sadhitra accessory auditory apparatus
उपस्कर m. upaskara apparatus
उपकरण n. upakaraNa apparatus
परिषेक m. pariSeka bathing apparatus
शस्त्रोपकरण n. zastropakaraNa military apparatus
ऊर्ध्वपातनयन्त्र n. UrdhvapAtanayantra apparatus for sublimation
वातयन्त्र n. vAtayantra apparatus for ventilating
अधोयन्त्र n. adhoyantra lower part of an apparatus
यन्त्र n. yantra any instrument or apparatus
गुडशृङ्गिका f. guDazRGgikA apparatus for throwing balls
क्षालनयन्त्र n. kSAlanayantra apparatus for washing clothes
अग्निपरिच्छद m. agniparicchada whole apparatus of a fire-sacrifice
भूधर m. bhUdhara kind of chemical or medical apparatus
विद्याधरयन्त्र n. vidyAdharayantra apparatus for sublimating quicksilver
यन्त्रयुक्त adj. yantrayukta furnished with implements or apparatus
बक m. baka apparatus for calcining or subliming metals or minerals
कच्छप m. kacchapa apparatus used in the distillation of spirituous liquor
सङ्गीतार्थ m. saGgItArtha apparatus or materials or subject of any musical performance
साधन n. sAdhana any agent or instrument or implement or utensil or apparatus
पातालयन्त्र n. pAtAlayantra sort of apparatus for distillation or for calcining and subliming metals
वितंस m. vitaMsa any net or chain or apparatus for catching and confining beasts and birds
गृहयन्त्र n. gRhayantra apparatus to which on festive occasions the flags of a house are fastened
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