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नियुक्त adj. niyukta appointed
आप्त adj. Apta appointed
प्रहित adj. prahita appointed
कालकृत adj. kAlakRta appointed
अधिकृत adj. adhikRta appointed
संनियुक्त adj. saMniyukta appointed
चोदित adj. codita appointed
प्रस्थित adj. prasthita appointed
कृत adj. kRta appointed
नियुक्तक adj. niyuktaka appointed
अधिष्ठित adj. adhiSThita appointed
नियोगिन् adj. niyogin appointed
सञ्चिन्तित adj. saJcintita appointed
निरूपित adj. nirUpita appointed
प्रकृत adj. prakRta appointed
साधित adj. sAdhita appointed
नियोजित adj. niyojita appointed
विनिर्मित adj. vinirmita appointed
प्रवर्तित adj. pravartita appointed
अभियुक्त adj. abhiyukta appointed
निष्कासित adj. niSkAsita appointed
संनियोजित adj. saMniyojita appointed
दिष्ट adj. diSTa appointed
कृतावधि adj. kRtAvadhi appointed
प्रकल्पित adj. prakalpita appointed
निविष्ट adj. niviSTa appointed
वावृत्त adj. vAvRtta appointed
पुरोहित adj. purohita appointed
प्रवेशित adj. pravezita appointed
निक्षिप्त adj. nikSipta appointed
आप्त adj. Apta appointed
आयुक्त ppp. adj. Ayukta appointed
विनियुक्त adj. viniyukta appointed to
निर्दिष्ट adj. nirdiSTa appointed to
विनिहित adj. vinihita appointed to
योजित adj. yojita appointed to
अनधिकृत adj. anadhikRta not appointed
अनधिष्ठित adj. anadhiSThita not appointed
अनियुक्त adj. aniyukta not appointed
काल m. kAla appointed time
कृतकाल m. kRtakAla appointed time
कार्यकाल m. kAryakAla appointed time
सङ्ग्राहग्राह्य adj. saGgrAhagrAhya to be appointed
संयत् f. saMyat appointed place
वार m. vAra appointed place
दिष्ट n. diSTa appointed place
नियुज्य ind. niyujya having appointed
प्रकर्तव्य adj. prakartavya to be appointed to
पुरस्कार्य adj. puraskArya to be appointed to
सङ्केतीकृत adj. saGketIkRta assigned or appointed
समये indecl. samaye at the appointed time
नियोग m. niyoga appointed task or duty
समय m. samaya appointed or proper time
दिष्टान्त m. diSTAnta appointed end i.e. death
यथासंवादम् ind. yathAsaMvAdam as appointed or stipulated
दिष्टभाव m. diSTabhAva appointed state i.e. death
हित adj. hita constituted or appointed as
सङ्केतकेतन n. saGketaketana place appointed for meeting
आयुक्ता f. AyuktA woman appointed as treasurer
आयुक्त m. Ayukta official appointed by a king
निधाप्य ind. nidhApya having installed or appointed
ऋतु m. Rtu time appointed for any action
नियोजयितव्य adj. niyojayitavya to be appointed or directed to
प्रयोज्य adj. prayojya to be appointed or commissioned
विनियोक्तव्य adj. viniyoktavya to be appointed to or employed in
स्थाप्य adj. sthApya to be installed in or appointed to
विनियोजित adj. viniyojita appointed or directed or applied to
विधातव्य n. vidhAtavya to be used or employed or appointed
योज्य adj. yojya to be appointed to or entrusted with
वार m. vAra time fixed or appointed for anything
सङ्केतोद्यान n. saGketodyAna park or garden appointed as a rendezvous
प्रयोज्यत्व n. prayojyatva state of being appointed or commissioned
संनियोज्य adj. saMniyojya to be appointed or employed or commissioned
देवहित adj. devahita arranged or appointed or settled by the gods
दिष्टभुज् adj. diSTabhuj reaping the appointed results of one's works
अधिकर्मकृत m. adhikarmakRta person appointed to superintend an establishment
प्रकल्प्य adj. prakalpya to be appointed or settled or fixed or determined
नियुज्य ind. niyujya having joined or attached or harnessed or appointed
नियोज्य adj. niyojya to be appointed or employed or directed or commanded
न्यस्य adj. nyasya to be laid down or deposited or delivered or appointed to
नियोक्तव्य adj. niyoktavya to be appointed or authorized or charged or entrusted with
अहर् n. ahar portion of a sacrifice appointed for one day's performance
तिथिपालन n. tithipAlana observance of the rites appointed for the several lunar days
यामकरेणुका f. yAmakareNukA female elephant standing ready at a certain place and at appointed hours
अनियुक्त m. aniyukta assessor at a court who has not been formally appointed and is not entitled to vote
क्षेत्रज m. kSetraja son who is the offspring of the wife by a kinsman or person duly appointed to raise up issue to the husband
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