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नियुक्ति f. niyukti appointment
सङ्केत m. saGketa appointment
प्रस्थापन n. prasthApana appointment
सङ्केतकम् ददाति verb 3 saGketakam dadAti { dA } make an appointment
सङ्केतकम् दत्ते verb 3 saGketakam datte { dA } make an appointment
मौलिक-नियुक्ति f. maulika-niyukti substantive appointment
संविद् f. saMvid appointment
प्रज्ञप्ति f. prajJapti appointment
सङ्केतक m. saGketaka appointment
संनियोग m. saMniyoga appointment
सङ्केत m. saGketa appointment
आयोग m. Ayoga appointment
संवाद m. saMvAda appointment
स्थान n. sthAna appointment
साङ्केत्य n. sAGketya appointment
वैभाजित्र n. vaibhAjitra appointment
वास्तव n. vAstava appointment
विनियोग m. viniyoga appointment to
सङ्केतमिलित adj. saGketamilita met by appointment
दिवासङ्केत m. divAsaGketa appointment by day
सङ्केतस्थ adj. saGketastha appearing by appointment
नियोगप्रयोजन n. niyogaprayojana object of any appointment
सङ्केतपूर्वकम् ind. saGketapUrvakam by agreement or appointment
पीठाधिकार m. pIThAdhikAra appointment to a place or office
वर्तनविनियोग m. vartanaviniyoga appointment of means of subsistence
सङ्केतहेतु m. saGketahetu motive for an appointment or meeting
नियोगार्थ m. niyogArtha object of an authorized act or appointment
कृतसङ्केत adj. kRtasaGketa one who has made an agreement or appointment
समयकार m. samayakAra making an agreement or appointment or engagement
विप्रलब्धा f. vipralabdhA female disappointed by her lover's breaking his appointment
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