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प्रमाणकुशल adj. pramANakuzala skilful in arguing
अपोह m. apoha arguing
अन्यथासिद्धि f. anyathAsiddhi wrong arguing
अन्यथासिद्धत्व n. anyathAsiddhatva wrong arguing
प्रमाणप्रवीण adj. pramANapravINa skilful in arguing
चक्रकाश्रय m. cakrakAzraya arguing in a circle
चक्रक n. cakraka arguing in a circle
अर्धवैनाशिक m. ardhavainAzika arguing half-perishableness
कुपथ m. kupatha sophistical method of arguing
कैमुतिकन्याय m. kaimutikanyAya rule of how much more? or how much less? arguing a fortiori
अनुत्पत्तिसम adj. anutpattisama arguing against a thing by trying to show that nothing exists from which it could spring [Phil.]
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