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अर्थान्तरन्यास m. arthAntaranyAsa antithesis
अर्थान्तर n. arthAntara different meaning
अर्थान्तर n. arthAntara opposite or antithetical meaning
अर्थान्तर n. arthAntara another matter
अर्थान्तर n. arthAntara difference of meaning or purport
अर्थान्तर n. arthAntara different or new circumstance
अर्थान्तर n. arthAntara similar case
अर्थान्तराक्षेप m. arthAntarAkSepa throwing in another fact i.e. establishing any disagreement with a statement by introducing a similar case
अर्थान्तरन्यास m. arthAntaranyAsa introduction of some other matter
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