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Sanskrit Grammar Transliteration English
लेख m. lekha article
प्रकरण n. prakaraNa article
क्रयवस्तु n. krayavastu article of trade
लेखनस्य प्रतिलिपि m. lekhanasya pratilipi copy of the article
द्रव्य n. dravya article [thing]
वस्तु n. vastu article [thing]
पण्य n. paNya article of trade
मूल्य n. mUlya article purchased
अपण्य n. apaNya unsaleable article
वस्त्र n. vastra article of clothing
वस्तुमत्र n. vastumatra abstract of an article
षडङ्ग n. SaDaGga any set of six articles
उपस्कर m. upaskara article of household use
षाड्गुण्य n. SADguNya six articles of any kind
पण्यभूत adj. paNyabhUta being an article of trade
किशर m. kizara fragrant article for sale
अष्टाङ्गार्घ्य n. aSTAGgArghya offering of eight articles
पणस m. paNasa article of sale or commerce
द्रव्यशुद्धि f. dravyazuddhi cleansing of soiled articles
उपस्कर m. upaskara any article of household use
धनधानी f. dhanadhAnI receptacle for valuable articles
प्रतिदेय n. pratideya article purchased and given back
द्रव्यप्रयोजन n. dravyaprayojana use or employment of any article
विपणपणि f. vipaNapaNi any article or commodity for sale
लाक्षावाणिय n. lAkSAvANiya dealing in lac or similar articles
उपनिक्षेप m. upanikSepa any article entrusted to one's keeping
प्राचीनमात्रावासस् n. prAcInamAtrAvAsas particular article of women's clothing
द्रव्यसंस्कार m. dravyasaMskAra consecration of articles for a sacrifice
पण्यता f. paNyatA being praiseworthy or an article of trade
निस्नाव m. nisnAva residue of articles after a sale or market
व्यजन n. vyajana palm-leaf or other article used for fanning
संस्कारक adj. saMskAraka serving as an article of food or for cooking
स्कन्ध m. skandha any article used at the coronation of a king
अन्नदेवता f. annadevatA divinity supposed to preside over articles of food
घटाटोप m. ghaTATopa covering for a carriage or any article of furniture
बरासी f. barAsI particular article of clothing or kind of woven cloth
गुणकार m. guNakAra preparing side-dishes or any secondary article of food
द्रव्यसंस्कार m. dravyasaMskAra purification or cleansing of soiled or defiled articles
हपुषा f. hapuSA name of a particular substance forming an article of trade
कर्मसाधन n. karmasAdhana articles essential to the performance of any religious act
श्रेणि f. zreNi guild or association of traders dealing in the same articles
उपशय m. upazaya diagnosis by the effect of certain articles of food or medicine
कात्त्रेयक adj. kAttreyaka produced from or pertaining to any combination of three inferior articles
मायूरक m. mAyUraka peacock-catcher or one who makes various articles with peacocks' feathers
स्थानयोग m. sthAnayoga assignment of suitable places or application of the best modes for preserving articles