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उपपत्ति f. upapatti ascertained conclusion
क्लृप्त adj. klRpta { klRp } ascertained
विनिर्णीत adj. vinirNIta ascertained
समाज्ञात adj. samAjJAta ascertained
परिच्छिन्न adj. paricchinna ascertained
सृष्ट adj. sRSTa ascertained
निर्णीत adj. nirNIta ascertained
विनिश्चित adj. vinizcita ascertained
प्रतिपन्न adj. pratipanna ascertained
अवधृत adj. avadhRta ascertained
निष्ठित adj. niSThita ascertained
विचारित adj. vicArita ascertained
आगमित adj. Agamita ascertained
परिज्ञात adj. parijJAta ascertained
स्थिर adj. sthira ascertained
स्थित adj. sthita ascertained
अवसित adj. avasita ascertained
स्थापित adj. sthApita ascertained
निरूपित adj. nirUpita ascertained
व्यवसित adj. vyavasita ascertained
चरित adj. carita ascertained
अध्यवसित adj. adhyavasita ascertained
निश्चित adj. nizcita ascertained
निर्धारित adj. nirdhArita ascertained
अवधारित adj. avadhArita ascertained
ज्ञात adj. jJAta ascertained
रूढ adj. rUDha ascertained
अवध्रियते verb pass. avadhriyate { ava- dhR } be ascertained
अशुद्ध adj. azuddha not ascertained
सुलक्षित adj. sulakSita well-ascertained
सुलक्षित adj. sulakSita well-ascertained
सुनिश्चित adj. sunizcita well ascertained
सुपरिज्ञात adj. suparijJAta well ascertained
अवधारणीय adj. avadhAraNIya to be ascertained
अवसेय adj. avaseya to be ascertained
सूचयितव्य adj. sUcayitavya to be ascertained
अवधृयते verb Pass. avadhRyate { ava- dhR } to be ascertained
निश्चित्य gerund nizcitya having ascertained
सुप्रतिष्णात adj. supratiSNAta clearly ascertained
प्रणिहित adj. praNihita ascertained or stated
मूढ adj. mUDha not to be ascertained
अनिश्चित्य indecl. anizcitya not having ascertained
प्रमेय adj. prameya be ascertained or proved
उपज्ञात adj. upajJAta ascertained by one's self
अवधार्य adj. avadhArya to be ascertained or known
दुरवसित adj. duravasita difficult to be ascertained
प्रमेय adj. prameya to be ascertained or proved
यथाभिज्ञायम् ind. yathAbhijJAyam as perceived or ascertained
असमीक्षित adj. asamIkSita not perceived or ascertained
निश्चित्य ind. nizcitya having ascertained or decided
सुलक्षित adj. sulakSita well determined or ascertained
निर्णेय adj. nirNeya to be ascertained or determined
निरूपयितव्य adj. nirUpayitavya to be ascertained or determined
निर्धारणीय adj. nirdhAraNIya to be ascertained or determined
विकल्पननीय adj. vikalpananIya to be calculated or ascertained
परिज्ञेय adj. parijJeya to be recognised or ascertained
विकल्प्य adj. vikalpya to be calculated or ascertained
अज्ञात्वा ind. ajJAtvA not having known or ascertained
ज्ञातमात्रे ind. jJAtamAtre on its being merely ascertained [loc.]
अनिश्चेय adj. anizceya not to be decided or ascertained
कृतनिश्चय adj. kRtanizcaya one who has ascertained anything
निश्चेतव्य adj. nizcetavya to be ascertained or established
श्रुतार्थ m. zrutArtha any matter ascertained by hearing
सम्प्रतीत adj. sampratIta thoroughly ascertained or admitted
निरूप्य adj. nirUpya to be seen or defined or ascertained
सुगम adj. sugama easy to be ascertained or understood
विभावनीय adj. vibhAvanIya to be clearly perceived or ascertained
उपपत्ति f. upapatti ascertained or demonstrated conclusion
उन्नेय adj. unneya to be inferred or ascertained by analogy
इन्द्रियगोचर adj. indriyagocara capable of being ascertained by the senses
अवधारणीय adj. avadhAraNIya to be considered as ascertained or determined
निरूपित n. nirUpita state of having been discussed or ascertained
सुनिश्चित adj. sunizcita well ascertained or determined or fixed or settled
समीक्षितव्य adj. samIkSitavya to be well considered or investigated or ascertained
व्यवसीयते verb pass. vyavasIyate { vyavaso } be settled or ascertained or fixed on or determined or decided
विशुद्ध adj. vizuddha thoroughly settled or established or fixed or determined or ascertained
सुप्रतिष्णातसूत्र m. supratiSNAtasUtra one who is well skilled in repeating or has clearly ascertained the sUtras
ज्ञेय adj. jJeya to be learnt or understood or ascertained or investigated or perceived or inquired about
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