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नियोजयति verb niyojayati assign [computer]
संजानीते verb saMjAnIte { saM- jJA } assign
दिदेष्टि verb dideSTi { diz } assign
नियत adj. niyata assigned
अभिह्स्ताङ्कितृ m. abhihstAGkitR assignee
नियोजन n. niyojana assignment [computer]
विभाजन n. vibhAjana assignment
नियोजनादेश m. niyojanAdeza assignment statement [computer]
नियोजनकारक n. niyojanakAraka assignment operator - symbol '=' [computer]
व्यादिश् f. vyAdiz assign
उपमा ind. upamA assign
प्रदिशते verb pradizate { pradiz } assign
अभिशासति verb abhizAsati { abhizAs } assign
समुपदिशति verb samupadizati { samupadiz } assign
विनियुङ्क्ते verb viniyuGkte { viniyuj } assign
अनुदिशति verb anudizati assign
प्रदिशति verb pradizati { pradiz } assign
आदिदेष्टि verb AdideSTi { Adiz } assign
संदिशति verb saMdizati { saMdiz } assign
विभजते verb vibhajate { vibhaj } assign
आदिशति verb Adizati { Adiz } assign
निर्दिशति verb nirdizati assign
समादिशति verb samAdizati { samAdiz } assign
सञ्जानाति verb saJjAnAti { saMjJA } assign
विभजति verb vibhajati { vibhaj } assign
अनुसन्दिशति verb anusandizati { anusaMdiz } assign
संजानीते verb saMjAnIte { saMjJA } assign
विनिर्दिशति verb vinirdizati { vinirdiz } assign
विभजति verb 1 vibhajati { vi- bhaj } assign
जनति verb 1 3 10 janati { jan } assign
जनयते verb 1 3 10 janayate { jan } assign
जनयति verb 1 3 10 janayati { jan } assign
जनते verb 1 3 10 janate { jan } assign
दिशति / -ते verb 6 dizati / -te { diz } assign
सन्दिशति verb 6 , 3 sandizati { sam- diz } assign
अनुदिशति verb 6 U anudizati { anu- diz } assign
भक्त adj. bhakta assigned
सन्दिष्ट adj. sandiSTa assigned
समादिष्ट adj. samAdiSTa assigned
दिष्ट adj. diSTa assigned
संनियोजित adj. saMniyojita assigned
अपदेश m. apadeza assigning
आरोपण n. AropaNa assigning
आरोपण n. AropaNa assigning
आसूवति verb AsUvati { AsU } assign to
उद्देश m. uddeza assignment
दिष्ट n. diSTa assignment
साङ्केत्य n. sAGketya assignation
हित ppp. hita assigned to
अभिशास्तृ adj. abhizAstR one who assigns
सङ्केत m. saGketa assignation with
हेतुवाद m. hetuvAda assigning a cause
समाशंसते verb samAzaMsate { samAzaMs } assign anything to
समाशंसति verb samAzaMsati { samAzaMs } assign anything to
अनुविदधाति verb anuvidadhAti { anuvidhA } assign to in order
अनुविधत्ते verb anuvidhatte { anuvidhA } assign to in order
समशंसति verb samazaMsati assign anything to
निर्दिशति verb nirdizati { nirdiz } assign anything to
हुण्डिका f. huNDikA assignment or order
स्थानविभाग m. sthAnavibhAga assignment of place
सङ्केतकेतन n. saGketaketana place of assignation
विनियोजयति verb caus. viniyojayati { viniyuj } appoint or assign to
सङ्केतीकृत adj. saGketIkRta assigned or appointed
उपमाति m. upamAti assigning or granting
निबन्धन n. nibandhana assignment or royal gift
स्थानदातृ adj. sthAnadAtR one who assigns a place to
जाति f. jAti position assigned by birth
आरोप m. Aropa assigning or attributing to
निबन्ध m. nibandha assignment of cattle or money
अपदिष्ट adj. apadiSTa assigned as a reason or pretext
निबन्धदान n. nibandhadAna assignment or gift of a corrody
हेतूपन्यास m. hetUpanyAsa assignment of reasons or motives
समनुदिशति verb samanudizati { samanudiz } assign or apportion anything to anyone
आधेय adj. Adheya to be assigned or attributed or given or conceded
पत्नीयूप m. patnIyUpa sacrificial post assigned to the wives of the gods
अभिसारिका f. abhisArikA woman who goes to meet her lover or keeps an assignation
न्यास m. nyAsa mental appropriation or assignment of various parts of the body to tutelary deities
स्थानयोग m. sthAnayoga assignment of suitable places or application of the best modes for preserving articles
विलक्षण n. vilakSaNa any state or condition which is without distinctive mark or for which no cause can be assigned
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