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नियत adj. niyata assigned
संनियोजित adj. saMniyojita assigned
भक्त adj. bhakta assigned
सन्दिष्ट adj. sandiSTa assigned
समादिष्ट adj. samAdiSTa assigned
दिष्ट adj. diSTa assigned
हित ppp. hita assigned to
सङ्केतीकृत adj. saGketIkRta assigned or appointed
जाति f. jAti position assigned by birth
अपदिष्ट adj. apadiSTa assigned as a reason or pretext
आधेय adj. Adheya to be assigned or attributed or given or conceded
पत्नीयूप m. patnIyUpa sacrificial post assigned to the wives of the gods
विलक्षण n. vilakSaNa any state or condition which is without distinctive mark or for which no cause can be assigned
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