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विभाजन n. vibhAjana assignment
नियोजन n. niyojana assignment [computer]
नियोजनादेश m. niyojanAdeza assignment statement [computer]
नियोजनकारक n. niyojanakAraka assignment operator - symbol '=' [computer]
उद्देश m. uddeza assignment
दिष्ट n. diSTa assignment
हुण्डिका f. huNDikA assignment or order
स्थानविभाग m. sthAnavibhAga assignment of place
निबन्धन n. nibandhana assignment or royal gift
निबन्ध m. nibandha assignment of cattle or money
निबन्धदान n. nibandhadAna assignment or gift of a corrody
हेतूपन्यास m. hetUpanyAsa assignment of reasons or motives
न्यास m. nyAsa mental appropriation or assignment of various parts of the body to tutelary deities
स्थानयोग m. sthAnayoga assignment of suitable places or application of the best modes for preserving articles
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