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तारका f. tArakA asterisk [computer]
तारकाचिह्न n. tArakAcihna asterisk [computer]
तारा-चिह्न n. tArA-cihna asterisk mark
भासन्ती f. bhAsantI asterism
तारा f. tArA asterism
योग m. yoga asterism
n. bha asterism
नक्षत्र n. nakSatra asterism
रजत n. rajata asterism
धिष्ण्य n. dhiSNya asterism
सूर्यनक्षत्र n. sUryanakSatra sun-asterism
सूर्यनक्षत्र n. sUryanakSatra sun-asterism
चित्रा f. citrA asterism citrA
पुष्या f. puSyA asterism puSya
इन्द्रपुरोहिता f. indrapurohitA asterism puSya
त्वाष्ट्र n. tvASTra asterism citrA
कुरुक्षेत्रिन् adj. kurukSetrin three asterisms
शकटाह्वा f. zakaTAhvA asterism rohiNI
त्रिनेत्र m. trinetra ziva's asterism
प्राजापत्य n. prAjApatya asterism rohiNI
भपञ्जर m. bhapaJjara cage of asterism
हरिदेव m. harideva asterism zravaNA
भपति m. bhapati lord of asterism
माहेन्द्र n. mAhendra asterism jyeSTha
भुजङ्गभ n. bhujaGgabha serpent-asterism
भरण्य n. bharaNya asterism bharaNI
सूर्यनक्षत्र n. sUryanakSatra radiant asterism
भुजङ्गभ n. bhujaGgabha serpent-asterism
उग्र m. ugra group of asterisms
धिष्ण्य n. dhiSNya orb of an asterism
षडृक्ष adj. SaDRkSa having six asterism
संनिवेश m. saMniveza form of an asterism
अनन्त m. ananta 23rd lunar asterism
हस्त m. hasta 11th lunar asterism
स्वृक्ष n. svRkSa auspicious asterism
भप adj. bhapa regent of an asterism
भकक्षा f. bhakakSA path of the asterisms
भेश m. bheza regent of an asterism
भांश m. bhAMza portion of an asterism
भसूचक m. bhasUcaka indicator of asterisms
भाग्यर्क्ष n. bhAgyarkSa asterism pUrvaphalgunI
पुष्यरथ m. puSyaratha asterism puSya as a car
कुलनक्षत्र n. kulanakSatra any auspicious asterism
n. bha lunar asterism or mansion
श्रीवत्स m. zrIvatsa one of the lunar asterisms
कुलाकुल n. kulAkula asterism of mixed character
चित्रा f. citrA born under the asterism citrA
तिष्यपुनर्वसु m. tiSyapunarvasu asterisms Terminalia and puSa
देशभ n. dezabha asterism dominating a country
तैष adj. taiSa relating to the asterism tiSya
पौष्य adj. pauSya relating to the asterism puSya
रोहिण adj. rohiNa born under the asterism rohiNI
भसमूह m. bhasamUha aggregate of the lunar asterism
अनुराध adj. anurAdha born under the asterism anurAdhA
अजवीथी f. ajavIthI comprehending the asterisms mUla
यमनक्षत्र n. yamanakSatra yama's asterism or lunar mansion
गतागत n. gatAgata irregular course of the asterisms
चरति verb 1 carati { car } be in any asterism or conjunction
यमदेवत f. yamadevata name of the lunar asterism bharaNI [sometime in neuter form also.]
तिष्य m. tiSya born under the asterism Terminalia
भप्रशस्त adj. bhaprazasta favourable in regard to the asterism
जन्मभ n. janmabha asterism under which any one is born
पुष्यनेत्र adj. puSyanetra having the asterism puSya for a guide
विश्वदैव n. vizvadaiva lunar mansion or asterism uttarASADhA
विश्वदैवत n. vizvadaivata lunar mansion or asterism uttarASADhA
भाग्य n. bhAgya asterism of bhaga i.e. uttaraphalgunI
भचक्र n. bhacakra whole multitude of stars or asterisms
नागवीथी f. nAgavIthI moon's path through the asterisms svAti
चित्रापूर्णमास m. citrApUrNamAsa full moon standing in the asterism citrA
भविचारिन् adj. bhavicArin passing through or present in an asterism
चन्द्रयोग m. candrayoga conjunction of the moon with any asterism
योग m. yoga leading or principal star of a lunar asterism
शशिग्रहसमागम m. zazigrahasamAgama conjunction of the moon with asterisms or planets
तिष्यपुनर्वसवीय adj. tiSyapunarvasavIya relating to the asterisms Terminalia and punar-vasu
नक्षत्र n. nakSatra asterism or constellation through which the moon passes
तैष m. taiSa month in which the full moon stands in the asterism tiSya
त्याज्य n. tyAjya part of an asterism or its duration considered as unlucky
शकट n. zakaTa five stars forming the asterism rohiNI compared to a cart
जरद्गववीथि f. jaradgavavIthi moon's path in the asterisms vizAkhA, jyeSThA and anurAdhA
गण्डान्त n. gaNDAnta first fourth of an asterism preceded by a node of asterisms
गण्डान्त n. gaNDAnta first fourth of an asterism preceded by a node of asterisms
गोवीथी f. govIthI that portion of the moon's path which contains the asterisms
तिष्यापूर्णमास m. tiSyApUrNamAsa day of conjunction of the asterism Terminalia with full moon
दिनव्यासदल n. dinavyAsadala radius of a circle made by an asterism in its daily revolution
योजयति verb caus. yojayati { yuj } ascertain or know the conjunction of the moon with an asterism
द्युजीवा f. dyujIvA diameter of a circle made by an asterism in its daily revolution
द्युज्या f. dyujyA diameter of a circle made by an asterism in its daily revolution
त्रिपाद m. tripAda asterism of which three-fourths are included under one zodiacal sign
ग्रहनेमि m. grahanemi section of the moon's course between the asterisms mUla and mRgaziras
गण m. gaNa series or group of asterisms or lunar mansions classed under three heads
शकटभेद m. zakaTabheda division of the zakaTa asterism by the moon or a planet passing through it
पौष adj. pauSa relating to or occurring at the time when the moon is in the asterism puSya
शूलयोग m. zUlayoga particular grouping of stars in which all the planets are in three houses or asterisms
भसन्धि m. bhasandhi point of junction of the asterism name of the last quarters of the asterism AzleSa and revatI
भसन्धि m. bhasandhi point of junction of the asterism name of the last quarters of the asterism AzleSa and revatI
पुष्यस्नान n. puSyasnAna particular ceremony of purification performed while the moon is passing through the asterism puSya.
नाक्षत्रिकी f. nAkSatrikI state or condition to which a person is subjected agreeably to the asterism presiding over his nativity
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