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ज्योविष adj. jyoviSa astrological
मुद्द mudda astrological term
इन्थिहा f. inthihA astrological term
राशि m. rAzi astrological house
वेश्मन् n. vezman astrological house
सद्मन् n. sadman astrological house
होराशास्त्र n. horAzAstra astrological science
सप्तनाडीचङ्क्र n. saptanADIcaGkra astrological diagram
गृह n. gRha astrological mansion
क्षेत्र n. kSetra astrological mansion
रिपुराशि m. ripurAzi 6th astrological house
विक्रम m. vikrama 3rd astrological house
रिपुस्थान n. ripusthAna 6th astrological house
गुरु m. guru 9th astrological mansion
मूलत्रिकोण n. mUlatrikoNa third astrological house
रसातल n. rasAtala 4th astrological mansion
षट्कोण n. SaTkoNa sixth astrological house
व्योमन् m. vyoman 10th astrological mansion
हिबुक n. hibuka fourth astrological house
योध m. yodha third astrological mansion
वित्त n. vitta second astrological mansion
स्व n. sva second astrological mansion
वियोग m. viyoga particular astrological yoga
विष्णुशृङ्खल m. viSNuzRGkhala particular astrological yoga
शुक्र m. zukra particular astrological yoga
भद्रयोग m. bhadrayoga particular astrological yoga
राशिप m. rAzipa regent of an astrological house
यात्राकार m. yAtrAkAra author of an astrological yAtrA
राश्यधिप m. rAzyadhipa regent of an astrological house
बृहस्पतिचक्र n. bRhaspaticakra particular astrological diagram
सङ्घट्टचक्र n. saGghaTTacakra particular astrological diagram
वृषचक्र n. vRSacakra particular astrological diagram
करण n. karaNa astrological division of the day
सांहितिक m. sAMhitika author of an astrological saMhitA
श्रीचक्र n. zrIcakra astrological division of the body
गणित्र n. gaNitra particular astrological instrument
भाव m. bhAva astrological house or lunar mansion
प्रश्न m. prazna astrological inquiry into the future
शाखा f. zAkhA third part of an astrological saMhitA
लग्न m. lagna whole of the first astrological house
जातक f. jAtaka astrological calculation of a nativity
विष्णुपदीचक्र n. viSNupadIcakra particular astrological circle or diagram
पुरुषक्षेत्र n. puruSakSetra male or uneven zodiacal sign or astrological house
गणित n. gaNita astronomical or astrological part of a jyotiHzAstra
विनिर्गम m. vinirgama last of the three divisions of an astrological house
स्त्रीक्षेत्र n. strIkSetra female i.e. even zodiacal sign or astrological mansion
राशिभेद m. rAzibheda portion or division of a zodiacal sign or astrological house
सूर्यकालानल n. sUryakAlAnala kind of astrological diagram for indicating good and bad fortune
सूर्यकालानलचक्र n. sUryakAlAnalacakra kind of astrological diagram for indicating good and bad fortune
सप्तशलाक m. saptazalAka kind of astrological diagram marked with twice 7 lines crossing each other at right angles
सप्तशलाकचक्र n. saptazalAkacakra kind of astrological diagram marked with twice 7 lines crossing each other at right angles
सङ्क्रान्तिचक्र n. saGkrAnticakra astrological diagram marked with the nakSatras and used for foretelling good or bad fortune
सूर्यफणिचक्र n. sUryaphaNicakra kind of astrological diagram for indicating auspicious and in auspicious moments for doing anything
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