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नाक्षत्रिक adj. nAkSatrika astronomical
ज्योतिष adj. jyotiSa astronomical
पतक m. pataka astronomical table
कारणा f. kAraNA astronomical period
गण्ड m. gaNDa astronomical period
चक्र n. cakra astronomical circle
क्षेप m. kSepa astronomical latitude
शुक्ल m. zukla 24th of the astronomical
सुकर्मन् m. sukarman 7th of the 27 astronomical
सौभाग्य n. saubhAgya fourth of the astronomical
समाससंहिता f. samAsasaMhitA concise astronomical saMhitA
शुभयोग m. zubhayoga particular astronomical yoga
विष्कम्भक m. viSkambhaka particular astronomical yoga
पर्वेश m. parveza regent of an astronomical node
गोलयन्त्र n. golayantra kind of astronomical instrument
सूर्यसिद्धान्त m. sUryasiddhAnta celebrated astronomical text-book
ग्रहगणित n. grahagaNita astronomical part of a jyotiHzAstra
युग n. yuga period or astronomical cycle of 5 years
फलकयन्त्र n. phalakayantra astronomical instrument invented by bhAskara
गणित n. gaNita astronomical or astrological part of a jyotiHzAstra
करणाब्द m. karaNAbda years used in astronomical calculations i.e. years of the sAka era
शतपद n. zatapada astronomical circle with a hundred divisions for exhibiting the various divisions of the nakSatras
विष्कम्भ m. viSkambha first of the twenty-seven astronomical periods called yogas or the leading star of the first lunar mansion
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