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नक्षत्रविद्या f. nakSatravidyA astronomy
ज्योतिःशास्त्र n. jyotiHzAstra astronomy
खगोलशास्त्र n. khagolazAstra astronomy
ज्योतिष n. jyotiSa astronomy
खगोलविद्या f. khagolavidyA astronomy
ज्योतिर्विद्या f. jyotirvidyA astronomy
खगोल - विद्या f. khagola - vidyA astronomy
ज्योतिषविद्या f. jyotiSavidyA astronomy
श्लिकु m.n. zliku astronomy
ज्यीतिःशास्त्र n. jyItiHzAstra astronomy
ज्योतिःसिद्धान्त m. jyotiHsiddhAnta work on astronomy
नाली f. nAlI period of 24 minutes [quantum of time - Astronomy]
उपज्योतिष n. upajyotiSa compendium of astronomy
ज्योतिषसंग्रह m. jyotiSasaMgraha whole science of astronomy
लम्ब m. lamba the arc between the pole of any place and the zenith [Astronomy]
पारसीविनोद m. pArasIvinoda Persian and Arab terms of astronomy and astrology explained in Sanskrit
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