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अतट m. ataTa abyss
अतट m. ataTa chasm
आतत adj. Atata stretched or drawn
आतत adj. Atata long
आतत adj. Atata fixed on
आतत adj. Atata spread
अतट adj. ataTa having no shore
आतत adj. Atata clinging to
आतत adj. Atata extended
अतट adj. ataTa precipitous
अतट adj. ataTa having no beach or shore
अटाटा f. aTATA roaming or wandering about
अतट m. ataTa precipice
अतट m. ataTa third hell
अतथा adj. atathA not saying tathA
अतथा adj. atathA giving a negative answer
आततायी m. AtatAyI terrorist
अथातः indecl. athAtaH then and therefore
अथातस् ind. athAtas now
आततायिन् adj. AtatAyin one whose bow is drawn to take another's life
आततायिन् adj. AtatAyin endeavouring to kill some one
आततायिन् adj. AtatAyin a murderer
आततायिन् adj. AtatAyin having one's bow drawn
आततायिन् m. AtatAyin warrior