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अथो ind. atho therefore
अथो ind. atho now
अथो ind. atho likewise
अथो ind. atho next
आटोप m. ATopa self-conceit
आटोप m. ATopa multitude
आटोप m. ATopa haste
आटोप m. ATopa redundancy
आटोप m. ATopa rumbling or gurgling noise made by the movement of fluid and gas in the intestines
आटोप m. ATopa flatulence
आटोप m. ATopa puffing
आटोप m. ATopa pride
आटोप m. ATopa swelling
आतोदिन् adj. Atodin striking
आतोद्य n. Atodya to be struck
आतोद्य n. Atodya musical instrument
अतोन्य adj. atonya differing from this
अतोर्थम् ind. atortham for this object
आतोलयति verb Atolayati { Atul } lift up
आतोलयति verb Atolayati { Atul } raise
अतोषणीय adj. atoSaNIya not to be pleased or appeased
अतऊर्ध्वम् ind. ataUrdhvam henceforth
अतऊर्ध्वम् ind. ataUrdhvam afterwards
अतोनिमित्तम् ind. atonimittam on this ground
अतोनिमित्तम् ind. atonimittam for this reason
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