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अतिपात m. atipAta lapse
अतिपात m. atipAta opposition
अतिपात m. atipAta interference
अतिपात m. atipAta ill-usage
अतिपात m. atipAta transgression
अतिपात m. atipAta passing away
अतिपात m. atipAta neglect
अतिपात m. atipAta contrariety
अतिपातक n. atipAtaka very heinous sin
अतिपतन n. atipatana transgressing
अतिपतन n. atipatana act of falling or flying beyond
अतिपतन n. atipatana passing
अतिपतन n. atipatana missing
अतिपतति verb atipatati neglect
अतिपतति verb atipatati fall or fly past or beyond
अतिपतति verb 1 atipatati { ati + pat } skip over
अतिपातयति verb caus. atipAtayati cause st. to fly by or be dragged away
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