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प्रतीक्षा f. pratIkSA attention
धीति f. dhIti attention
आदर m. Adara attention
ध्यान n. dhyAna attention
अवधान n. avadhAna attention
उद्भासति verb 1 udbhAsati { ud- bhAs } attract attention
परायण n. parAyaNa object of attention
पठनवेलायाम् आवधानम् आवश्यकम् sent. paThanavelAyAm AvadhAnam Avazyakam While studying attention is essential.
आचित् f. Acit attention
अवहितता f. avahitatA attention
सावधानता f. sAvadhAnatA attention
समुपचार m. samupacAra attention
प्रजागर m. prajAgara attention
समाधि m. samAdhi attention
अवधि m. avadhi attention
प्रणिधि m. praNidhi attention
प्रतिजागर m. pratijAgara attention
योग m. yoga attention
सत्कार m. satkAra attention
प्रणिधान n. praNidhAna attention
प्रतीक्षण n. pratIkSaNa attention
कर्णावधान n. karNAvadhAna attention
अवेक्षण n. avekSaNa attention
ऐकाग्र्य n. aikAgrya attention
पूजन n. pUjana attention
प्रत्यवेक्षण n. pratyavekSaNa attention
अवधेय n. avadheya attention
समाधान n. samAdhAna attention
अवेक्षा f. avekSA attention to
शुश्रूषण n. zuzrUSaNa attention to
साम्मुख्य n. sAmmukhya attention to
एकाग्र्य n. ekAgrya close attention
समवधान n. samavadhAna great attention
सावधान adj. sAvadhAna having attention
सावहित adj. sAvahita giving attention
कर्णार्पण n. karNArpaNa paying attention
उपलक्षयते verb upalakSayate { upalakS } pay attention to
प्रविधत्ते verb pravidhatte { pravidhA } pay attention to
उपलक्षयति verb upalakSayati { upalakS } pay attention to
उपास्ते verb upAste { upAs } pay attention to
उपभूषति verb upabhUSati { upabhUS } pay attention to
प्रविदधाति verb pravidadhAti { pravidhA } pay attention to
अपचिनोति verb 5 apacinoti { apaci } pay attention to
अभिनिध्यायति verb abhinidhyAyati { abhinidhyai } give attention to
व्यासङ्ग m. vyAsaGga separate attention
अभिध्येय adj. abhidhyeya deserving attention
अभिषच् adj. abhiSac paying attention to
विलोकन n. vilokana paying attention to
अतिथिसेवा f. atithisevA attention to a guest
अनुपासन n. anupAsana want of attention to
मनस्कार m. manaskAra attention of the mind
आद्रियते verb Adriyate { AdR } regard with attention
अभिपाति verb abhipAti { abhipA } behold with attention
दृढसमाधान adj. dRDhasamAdhAna paying fixed attention
चित्तधारण n. cittadhAraNa concentrated attention
श्रुतिप्रसादन n. zrutiprasAdana engaging the attention
उन्मुखीकार m. unmukhIkAra excitement of attention
उन्मुखीकरण n. unmukhIkaraNa excitement of attention
एकाग्रतस् ind. ekAgratas with undivided attention
एकाग्रम् ind. ekAgram with undivided attention
राजोपचार m. rAjopacAra attention paid to a kind
कथानुराग m. kathAnurAga attention to a discourse
अभिध्यायिन् adj. abhidhyAyin giving one's attention to
आभरति verb Abharati { AbhR } attract (one's attention)
आपिबति verb Apibati see or hear with attention
व्यपेक्षते verb vyapekSate { vyapekS } pay regard or attention to
उपश्रित adj. upazrita brought to the attention of
उपचार्य adj. upacArya to be treated with attention
अङ्ग ind. aGga a particle implying attention
समाहित n. samAhita great attention or intentness
अनन्यमनस् adj. ananyamanas exercising undivided attention
अनन्यमनस्क adj. ananyamanaska exercising undivided attention
अनन्यमानस adj. ananyamAnasa exercising undivided attention
उपस्थापक adj. upasthApaka causing to turn one's attention
दन्तक adj. dantaka paying attention to one's teeth
बुबोधयिषु adj. bubodhayiSu wishing to excite the attention
एकाग्रता f. ekAgratA close and undisturbed attention
एकाग्रत्व n. ekAgratva close and undisturbed attention
अभ्यस्यति verb abhyasyati { abhyas } concentrate one's attention upon
अग्निशुश्रूषा f. agnizuzrUSA attention to the sacrificial fire
एकतान m. ekatAna attention fixed on one object only
प्रलोभयति verb caus. pralobhayati { pralubh } divert the attention of any one by
प्रत्यवेक्ष्य adj. pratyavekSya to be regarded or paid attention to
उपेक्षितव्य adj. upekSitavya to be regarded or paid attention to
उपलक्षक adj. upalakSaka observing closely or with attention
अर्थचिन्ता f. arthacintA attention or consideration of affairs
अर्थचिन्तन n. arthacintana attention or consideration of affairs
सुसभाजित adj. susabhAjita treated with great attention or regard
दन्तौष्ठक adj. dantauSThaka paying attention to one's teeth and lips
शिथिलसमाधि adj. zithilasamAdhi having the attention drawn off or relaxed
आभृतात्मन् adj. AbhRtAtman having the attention fixed or fastened on
कृतादर adj. kRtAdara one to whom regard or attention has been paid
सुधर्मिष्ठ adj. sudharmiSTha giving the strictest attention to one's duties
एकाग्र adj. ekAgra fixing one's attention upon one point or object
विषय m. viSaya any object of affection or concern or attention
उपचरितव्य adj. upacaritavya to be respected or revered or treated with attention
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