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विशेषित adj. vizeSita attributed
आरोप्य adj. Aropya to be attributed
अनुवाकानुक्रमणी f. anuvAkAnukramaNI attributed to zaunaka
उपचरणीय adj. upacaraNIya to be applied or attributed on
सार्पराज्ञी f. sArparAjJI verses attributed to sarpa-rAjJI
शृङ्गाररसाष्टक n. zRGgArarasASTaka eight stanzas attributed to kAlidAsa
सुडीनक n. suDInaka one of the modes of flight attributed to birds
आधेय adj. Adheya to be assigned or attributed or given or conceded
अर्थापत्तिसम f.n. arthApattisama inference by which the quality of any object is attributed to another object because of their sharing some other quality in common [phil.]
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