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अवकृन्तति verb 6, 1 avakRntati { ava- kRt } cut down
अवकृन्तति verb 6, 1 avakRntati { ava- kRt } cut off
अवकृन्तति verb 6, 1 avakRntati { ava- kRt } chop
अवकृन्तति verb 6, 1 avakRntati { ava- kRt } slice off
अवक्र adj. avakra upright
अवक्र adj. avakra honest
अवक्र adj. avakra not crooked
अवक्र adj. avakra straight
अवकृत adj. avakRta directed downwards as a root
अवक्रय m. avakraya letting out to hire
अवक्रय m. avakraya rent
अवक्रय m. avakraya revenue
अवक्रिया f. avakriyA non-performance of prescribed acts
अवक्रोश m. avakroza discordant noise
अवक्रोश m. avakroza imprecation
अवक्रोश m. avakroza abuse
अवकृप्त adj. avakRpta corresponding with
अवकृप्त adj. avakRpta right
अवकृप्त adj. avakRpta fit
अवकृष्ट adj. avakRSTa dragged down
अवकृष्ट adj. avakRSTa low
अवकृष्ट adj. avakRSTa being underneath anything
अवकृष्ट adj. avakRSTa outcast
अवकृष्ट adj. avakRSTa removed
अवकृष्ट adj. avakRSTa being at some distance
अवकृष्ट adj. avakRSTa inferior
अवकृत्त adj. avakRtta cut off
अवकरोति verb avakaroti { avakR } direct downwards (as the face)
अवाकरोति verb avAkaroti { avAkR } ward off
अवाकरोति verb avAkaroti { avAkR } remove
अवकिरति verb avakirati { avakRR } fall off
अवकिरति verb avakirati { avakRR } throw off
अवकिरति verb avakirati { avakRR } fill
अवकिरति verb avakirati { avakRR } spread
अवकिरति verb avakirati { avakRR } become faithless
अवकिरति verb avakirati { avakRR } leave  
अवकिरति verb avakirati { avakRR } extend in different directions
अवकिरति verb avakirati { avakRR } scatter
अवकिरति verb avakirati { avakRR } bestrew
अवकिरति verb avakirati { avakRR } disperse
अवकिरति verb avakirati { avakRR } spill one's semen virile
अवकिरति verb avakirati { avakRR } pour upon
अवकिरति verb avakirati { avakRR } pass away
अवकिरति verb avakirati { avakRR } shake off
अवकिरति verb avakirati { avakRR } cover with
अवकिरति verb avakirati { avakRR } pour out or down
अवक्रामिन् adj. avakrAmin running away
अवक्रन्द m. avakranda neighing
अवक्रन्द m. avakranda roaring
अवकर्षति verb avakarSati { avakRS } entice
अवकर्षति verb avakarSati { avakRS } draw off or away
अवकर्षति verb avakarSati { avakRS } allure
अवकर्षति verb avakarSati { avakRS } turn off
अवकर्षति verb avakarSati { avakRS } remove  
अवकर्षति verb avakarSati { avakRS } drag down
अवकर्तति verb avakartati { avakRt } cut off
अवकर्तति verb avakartati { avakRt } destroy
अवक्रक्षिन् adj. avakrakSin rushing down
अवक्रमण n. avakramaNa conception
अवक्रमण n. avakramaNa descending
अवक्रमति verb avakramati { avakram } step down upon
अवक्रमति verb avakramati { avakram } tread down
अवक्रमति verb avakramati { avakram } overcome  
अवक्रमति verb avakramati { avakram } descend [into a womb]
अवक्रीणीते verb avakrINIte { avakrI } purchase for one's self hire
अवक्रीणीते verb avakrINIte { avakrI } bribe
अवकृश्यति verb Caus. avakRzyati { avakRz } make lean or mean-looking
अवकृश्यति verb Caus. avakRzyati { avakRz } emaciate
अवक्रन्दन n. avakrandana crying
अवक्रन्दन n. avakrandana weeping aloud
अवक्रन्दति verb avakrandati { avakrand } cry out
अवक्रन्दति verb avakrandati { avakrand } roar
अवकर्तयति verb Caus. avakartayati { avakRt } cause to cut off
अवक्रगमिता f. avakragamitA having a straight gait
अवक्रमयति verb Caus. avakramayati { avakram } cause to go down
अवकृष्टतर adj. avakRSTatara being at some distance
अवकृष्टतर adj. avakRSTatara inferior
अवकृष्टतर adj. avakRSTatara low
अवकृष्टतर adj. avakRSTatara dragged down
अवकृष्टतर adj. avakRSTatara outcast
अवकृष्टतर adj. avakRSTatara being underneath anything
अवक्रन्दयति verb Caus. avakrandayati { avakrand } rush down upon with a roar
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