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अवधारणा f. avadhAraNA conception
अवधारण n. avadhAraNa affirmation
अवधारण n. avadhAraNa affirmative response
अवदारण adj. avadAraNa breaking
अवदारण adj. avadAraNa shattering in pieces
अवदरण n. avadaraNa bursting
अवदारण n. avadAraNa breaking open
अवदरण n. avadaraNa separating
अवदारण n. avadAraNa bursting open
अवदारण n. avadAraNa opening
अवदारण n. avadAraNa spade or hoe
अवदरण n. avadaraNa breaking
अवदारण n. avadAraNa shattering
अवधारण adj. avadhAraNa restrictive
अवधारण n. avadhAraNa ascertainment
अवधारण n. avadhAraNa restriction to a certain instance or instances with exclusion of any other
अवधारण n. avadhAraNa emphasis
अवधारण n. avadhAraNa stating or holding with positiveness or assurance
अवधारण n. avadhAraNa accurate determination
अवधारण n. avadhAraNa limitation [of the sense of words]
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