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अवसर m. avasara chance
अवसर m. avasara scope
अवसर m. avasara leisure
अवसर ind. avasara at the right moment
अवसर m avasara opportunity
अवसर m avasara moment
अवसर m avasara advantageous situation
अवसर m. avasara occasion
अवसर m. avasara rain
अवसर m. avasara appropriate place for anything
अवसारणा f. avasAraNA rehabilitation of a monk
अवसारण n. avasAraNa moving away
अवसरति verb caus. avasarati { avasR } move anything aside or away
अवसरकाले ind. avasarakAle on a favourable opportunity
अवसरपाठक m. avasarapAThaka bard
अवसरपाठक m. avasarapAThaka panegyrist
अवसरवेलायाम् ind. avasaravelAyAm on a favourable opportunity.
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