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अविद ind. avida an exclamation of surprise and grief
अविधा ind. avidhA an interjection
आविध m. Avidha drill
आविध m. Avidha kind of gimlet worked by a string
आविध m. Avidha awl
अविदाहिन् adj. avidAhin not producing heartburn
अविदान्त m. avidAnta unsubdued
अविदासिन् adj. avidAsin perennial
अविदासिन् adj. avidAsin not drying up
अविदस्य adj. avidasya not ceasing
अविदस्य adj. avidasya permanent
अविदस्य adj. avidasya inexhaustible
अविधान n. avidhAna not being prescribed
अविधान n. avidhAna absence of fixed rule
अविधवा f. avidhavA not a widow
अविधवा f. avidhavA woman not widowed
अविदग्ध adj. avidagdha not digested
अविदग्ध adj. avidagdha not ripe
अविदग्ध adj. avidagdha inexperienced
अविदग्ध adj. avidagdha not turned sour
अविदग्ध adj. avidagdha not being an expert
अविदग्ध adj. avidagdha stupid
अविदग्ध adj. avidagdha not burnt
अविधायिन् adj. avidhAyin not docile or compliant
अविधानतस् ind. avidhAnatas not according to what is prescribed
अविधानतस् ind. avidhAnatas irregularly
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