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अविकारी m. avikArI constant [computer]
अविकसित adj. avikasita imperfectly developed
अविकसित adj. avikasita backward
अविकसित adj. avikasita abortive [imperfectly developed]
आविक adj. Avika relating to or coming from sheep
आविक adj. Avika woollen
अविका f. avikA ewe
आविक f.n. Avika sheepskin
अविक m. avika sheep
आविक n. Avika woollen cloth or blanket
अविक n. avika diamond
अविकच adj. avikaca closed
अविकच adj. avikaca shut
अविकल adj. avikala unimpaired
अविकल adj. avikala entire
अविकल adj. avikala regular
अविकल adj. avikala orderly
अविकार adj. avikAra unchangeable
अविकार adj. avikAra immutable
अविकार m. avikAra non-alteration
अविकार m. avikAra samAdhi
अविकार m. avikAra non-change of form or nature
अविकट m. avikaTa flock of sheep
अविकल्प adj. avikalpa not distinguished or particularized
अविकल्प adj. avikalpa not deliberating long or hesitating
अविकल्प m. avikalpa absence of alternative
अविकल्प m. avikalpa positive precept
अविकारिन् adj. avikArin faithful
अविकारिन् adj. avikArin unchanging
अविकारिन् adj. avikArin without change
अविकारिन् adj. avikArin without being changed
अविकारिन् adj. avikArin unchangeable
अविकारिन् adj. avikArin not exhibiting any alteration
अविकारिन् adj. avikArin invariable
अविकर्ष m. avikarSa absence of separation
अविकार्य adj. avikArya invariable
अविकार्य adj. avikArya unchangeable
अविकचित adj. avikacita unblown
अविकल्पम् ind. avikalpam without hesitation
अविकल्पक adj. avikalpaka not hesitating
अविकल्पित adj. avikalpita undoubted
अविकारवत् adj. avikAravat not exhibiting any alteration
अविकथयत् adj. avikathayat not talking vainly or idly
अविकटोरण m. avikaToraNa tribute or tax consisting of a ram to be paid by the owner of a flock of sheep
अविकत्थन adj. avikatthana not boasting
अविखण्डन n. avikhaNDana non-violation
अविखण्डित adj. avikhaNDita undisturbed
आविकसौत्रिक adj. Avikasautrika made of woollen threads
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