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अयन n. ayana circulation
आयान n. AyAna arrival
आयन adj. Ayana belonging to the solstice
अयन adj. ayana going
अयन n. ayana walking a road a path
अयन n. ayana progress
अयन n. ayana precession [astron.]
अयन n. ayana course
अयान n. ayAna halting
अयन n. ayana equatorial and solstitial points
अयान n. ayAna not moving
अयन n. ayana half year
अयान n. ayAna stopping
आयान n. AyAna natural temperament or disposition
अयन n. ayana solstice
अयन n. ayana way
अयान n. ayAna natural disposition or temperament
अयन n. ayana place of refuge
आयन n. Ayana coming
अयन n. ayana walking a road
आयान n. AyAna particular ornament for horses
अयन n. ayana manner
अयन n. ayana treatise
आयन n. Ayana approaching
अयन n. ayana advancing [astron.]
अयानय m. ayAnaya particular movement of the pieces on a chess or backgammon board
अयानय n. ayAnaya good and bad luck
अयनान्त m. ayanAnta solstice
अयनकला f. ayanakalA correction for ecliptic deviation
अयानयिन m. ayAnayina piece at chess or backgammon so moved
अयनभग m. ayanabhaga amount of precession
अयनग्रह m. ayanagraha planet's longitude as corrected for ecliptic deviation
अयनवृत्त n. ayanavRtta ecliptic
अयनदृक्कर्मन् n. ayanadRkkarman calculation for ecliptic deviation
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