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अयुक्त ppp. ayukta absurd
आयुक्त ppp. Ayukta full of
अयुक्त adj. ayukta unfit
अयुक्त adj. ayukta not connected
आयुक्त adj. Ayukta slightly joined
अयुक्त adj. ayukta to be supplied
अयुक्त adj. ayukta unsuitable
अयुक्त adj. ayukta not united
अयुक्त adj. ayukta not attentive
अयुक्त adj. ayukta not dexterous
अयुक्त adj. ayukta not added
अयुक्त adj. ayukta not devout
अयुक्त adj. ayukta not yoked
अयुक्त adj. ayukta silly
अयुक्त adj. ayukta not joined
अयुक्त adj. ayukta not suited
अयुक्त adj. ayukta not harnessed
अयुक्त adj. ayukta not applied or made use of
आयुक्ता f. AyuktA woman appointed as treasurer
आयुक्त m. Ayukta agent or deputy
आयुक्त m. Ayukta minister
आयुक्त m. Ayukta official appointed by a king
आयुक्त ppp. adj. Ayukta joined with
आयुक्त ppp. adj. Ayukta united
आयुक्त ppp. adj. Ayukta burdened with
आयुक्त ppp. adj. Ayukta charged with
आयुक्त ppp. adj. Ayukta appointed
आयुक्त ppp. adj. Ayukta applied to
अयुक्तम् ind. ayuktam not being yoked
आयुक्तक m. Ayuktaka official
अयुक्तता f. ayuktatA not being used
अयुक्तता f. ayuktatA ill-suited
अयुक्तता f. ayuktatA not being suitable
अयुक्तता f. ayuktatA unfit
अयुक्तकृत् adj. ayuktakRt committing wrong acts
अयुक्तत्व n. ayuktatva not being used
अयुक्तत्व n. ayuktatva not being suitable
अयुक्तचार m. ayuktacAra who does not appoint spies
अयुक्तरूप adj. ayuktarUpa unfit
अयुक्तरूप adj. ayuktarUpa unsuitable
अयुक्ताभास adj. ayuktAbhAsa paradoxical
अयुक्तपदार्थ m. ayuktapadArtha sense of a word not given but to be supplied
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