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बहुधा indecl. bahudhA diversely
बहुधा श्रान्तः अस्मि भोः sent. bahudhA zrAntaH asmi bhoH Very tired, you know.
बहुद adj. bahuda much-giving
बहुद adj. bahuda munificent
बहुद adj. bahuda liberal
बाहुदा f. bAhudA of a river
बाहुदा f. bAhudA arm-giver
बाहुदा f. bAhudA of another river
बहुधा adverb bahudhA in many ways or parts or forms or directions
बहुधा adverb bahudhA variously
बहुधा adverb bahudhA manifoldly
बहुधा adverb bahudhA many times
बहुधा adverb bahudhA much
बहुधा adverb bahudhA repeatedly
बहुधा adverb bahudhA in many ways
बहूदक adj. bahUdaka having much water
बहूदक adj. bahUdaka watery
बहूदक m. bahUdaka kind of mendicant who begs his food at bathing-places
बहूदन n. bahUdana collection of various kinds of food
बहुदान n. bahudAna rich gift
बाहुदण्ड m. bAhudaNDa long arm
बाहुदण्ड m. bAhudaNDa arm-staff
बाहुदण्ड m. bAhudaNDa blow or punishment inflicted with the arm or fist
बहुदायिन् adj. bahudAyin liberal
बहुदायिन् adj. bahudAyin much giving
बहुदायिन् adj. bahudAyin munificent
बहुधन adj. bahudhana affluent
बहुधन adj. bahudhana wealthy
बहुधन adj. bahudhana possessing much wealth
बहुधन adj. bahudhana rich
बहुधर n. bahudhara diamond or the thunderbolt of indra
बहुधर n. bahudhara many-edged
बहुदण्डिन् adj. bahudaNDin having many staff-bearers
बहुदर्शिन् adj. bahudarzin circumspect
बहुदर्शिन् adj. bahudarzin prudent
बहुदर्शिन् adj. bahudarzin seeing much
बहुधान्य m. bahudhAnya abounding in corn
बहूढत्व n. bahUDhatva polygamy
बहुदक्षिण adj. bahudakSiNa liberal
बहुदक्षिण adj. bahudakSiNa bountiful
बहुदक्षिण adj. bahudakSiNa marked by many fees or donations
बहुदक्षिण adj. bahudakSiNa lavish
बहुदण्डिक adj. bahudaNDika having many staff-bearers
बहुदर्शक adj. bahudarzaka seeing much
बहुदर्शक adj. bahudarzaka circumspect
बहुदर्शक adj. bahudarzaka prudent
बहुदर्शिता f. bahudarzitA circumspection
बहुधागत adj. bahudhAgata dispersed
बहुधागत adj. bahudhAgata gone in various directions
बहुधागत adj. bahudhAgata scattered
बहुधन्विन् adj. bahudhanvin having many bows
बहुधात्मक adj. bahudhAtmaka existing in various forms
बहुधात्मक adj. bahudhAtmaka manifold in essence
बहुधात्मक adj. bahudhAtmaka variegated
बहुधनेवर m. bahudhanevara very rich man
बहुदलकनिश m. bahudalakaniza particular species of grain
बहुदासपुरुष adj. bahudAsapuruSa having many slaves and servants
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