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बहुल adj. bahula extensive
बहुल adj. bahula abundant
बहुल adj. bahula copious
बहुल adj. bahula much
बहुल adj. bahula a lot
बहुल adj. bahula born under the Pleiades
बहुल adj. bahula many
बहुल adj. bahula wide
बहुल adj. bahula accompanied by
बहुल adj. bahula numerous
बहुल adj. bahula variously applicable
बहुल adj. bahula broad
बहुल adj. bahula comprehensive
बहुल adj. bahula large
बहुल adj. bahula dense
बहुल adj. bahula attended with
बहुल adj. bahula ample
बहुल adj. bahula black
बहुल adj. bahula thick
बहुल adj. bahula spacious
बाहुल adj. bAhula manifold
बहुला f. bahulA cow
बहुल f. bahula Pleiades
बहुल m. bahula fire
बहुल m. bahula cardamoms
बाहुल m. bAhula fire
बाहुल m. bAhula month kArttika
बहुल m. bahula indigo plant
बाहुल m. bAhula jina
बहुल m. bahula dark half of a month
बहुल n. bahula sky
बहुल n. bahula factitious black salt
बाहुल n. bAhula manifoldness
बाहुल n. bAhula armour for the arms
बहुल n. bahula white pepper
बहुल n. bahula particular high number
बहुलम् indecl. bahulam often
बहुलम् indecl. bahulam frequently
बाहुलक n. bAhulaka manifoldness
बाहुलक n. bAhulaka diversity on
बहुलता f. bahulatA comprehensiveness
बहुलता f. bahulatA multiplicity
बहुलता f. bahulatA ampleness
बहुलता f. bahulatA abounding in
बहुलता f. bahulatA muchness
बहुलता f. bahulatA plenitude
बाहुलता f. bAhulatA arm creeper
बहुलता f. bahulatA numerousness
बहुलता f. bahulatA copiousness
बहुलता f. bahulatA being rich in
बहुलता f. bahulatA abundance
बहुलत्व n. bahulatva multiplicity
बहुलत्व n. bahulatva muchness
बहुलत्व n. bahulatva abounding in
बहुलत्व n. bahulatva richness
बहुलत्व n. bahulatva being rich in
बहुलत्व n. bahulatva numerousness
बहुलत्व n. bahulatva comprehensiveness
बहुलत्व n. bahulatva abundance
बहुलतर adj. bahulatara thicker
बहुलतर adj. bahulatara denser
बहुलतृण adj. bahulatRNa rich in grass
बहुलवण n. bahulavaNa containing much salt
बहुलवण n. bahulavaNa soil impregnated with salt
बाहुलग्रीव m. bAhulagrIva having a variegated neck
बाहुलग्रीव m. bAhulagrIva peacock
बहुलपर्ण adj. bahulaparNa many-leaved
बहुलच्छद m. bahulacchada red-flowering Moringa tree
बहुलगन्धा f. bahulagandhA cardamoms
बहुलगन्ध n. bahulagandha richly-scented
बहुलगन्ध n. bahulagandha kind of sandal wood
बहुलवर्मन् adj. bahulavarman enveloped in a thick covering
बाहुलतान्तर n. bAhulatAntara bosom
बाहुलतान्तर n. bAhulatAntara breast
बाहुलतान्तर n. bAhulatAntara space between the arms
बहुलौषदिक adj. bahulauSadika overgrown with herbs
बहुलबहुलान्त adj. bahulabahulAnta having a thick sediment
बहुलबहुलान्त adj. bahulabahulAnta thick at the end
बहुलबहुलाश्व m. bahulabahulAzva having many horses
बहुलबहुलालाप adj. bahulabahulAlApa gossipy
बहुलबहुलालाप adj. bahulabahulAlApa talkative
बहुलबहुलालाप adj. bahulabahulAlApa gabby
बहुलबहुलालाप adj. bahulabahulAlApa loquacious
बहुलबहुलालाप adj. bahulabahulAlApa garrulous
बहुलबहुलालाप adj. bahulabahulAlApa chatty
बहुलबहुलायास adj. bahulabahulAyAsa involving much trouble
बहुलबहुलाविष्ट adj. bahulabahulAviSTa densely populated
बहुलबहुलाविष्ट adj. bahulabahulAviSTa thickly peopled
बहुलबहुलाभिमान adj. bahulabahulAbhimAna menacing
बहुलबहुलाभिमान adj. bahulabahulAbhimAna much-threatening
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