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बैजिक adj. baijika paternal
बैजिक adj. baijika relating to seed
बैजिक adj. baijika belonging to any primary cause or source or principle
बैजिक adj. baijika seminal
बैजिक adj. baijika sexual
बैजिक adj. baijika original
बैजिक m. baijika young shoot
बैजिक m. baijika sprout
बैजिक n. baijika source
बैजिक n. baijika oil prepared from drumstick tree [Moringa oleifera - Bot.]
बैजिक n. baijika spirit
बैजिक n. baijika spiritual cause of existence
बैजिक n. baijika cause
बैजिक n. baijika soul
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