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बर्हिन् m. barhin peacock
बर्हिन् n. barhin kind of perfume
बर्हिस् m. barhis fire
बर्हिस् m. barhis splendour
बर्हिस् m. barhis light
बर्हिस् m. barhis Ceylon Leadwort plant [Plumbago zeylanica - Bot.]
बर्हिस् n. barhis kind of perfume
बर्हिस् n. barhis that which is plucked up
बर्हिस् n. barhis water
बर्हिस् n. barhis sacrificial grass personified
बर्हिस् n. barhis bed or layer of kuza grass
बर्हिस् n. barhis sacrifice
बर्हिस् n. barhis ether
बर्हिस् n. barhis sacrificial grass
बर्हिण adj. barhiNa adorned with peacock's feathers
बर्हिण m. barhiNa peacock
बर्हिण n. barhiNa Crape Jasmine [Tabernamontana Coronaria - Bot.]
बर्हिषद् adj. barhiSad seated or placed on the sacrificial grass
बर्हिषद् m. barhiSad pitRs or deceased ancestors
बर्हिष्क adj. barhiSka formed of or covered with sacrificial grass
बर्हिष्क n. barhiSka sacrificial grass
बर्हिष्य adj. barhiSya belonging to or fitted for sacrificial grass
बर्हिचूडा f. barhicUDA Cock's comb plant [Celosia cristata - Bot.]
बर्हिष्मत् adj. barhiSmat accompanied or provided with sacrificial grass
बर्हिष्मत् adj. barhiSmat shining
बर्हिष्मत् adj. barhiSmat blazing
बर्हिष्मत् adj. barhiSmat having fire or light
बर्हिष्मत् m. barhiSmat sacrificer
बर्हिष्मत् m. barhiSmat worshipper
बर्हिष्मत् m. barhiSmat one who has or spreads sacrificial grass
बर्हिष्ठ adj. barhiSTha strongest
बर्हिष्ठ adj. barhiSTha highest
बर्हिष्ठ adj. barhiSTha mightiest
बर्हिष्ठ n. barhiSTha resin of longleaf pine tree [Pinus Longifolia - Bot.]
बर्हिष्ठ n. barhiSTha vetiver grass [Andropogon Muricatum - Bot.]
बर्हियान m. barhiyAna having a peacock for vehicle
बर्हिबर्ह n. barhibarha kind of perfume
बर्हिःष्ठ adj. barhiHSTha standing or placed on the sacrificial grass
बर्हिःष्ठ m. barhiHSTha sacrificial gift
बर्हिपुष्प n. barhipuSpa kind of perfume
बर्हिष्केश m. barhiSkeza fire or the god of fire
बर्हिष्केश m. barhiSkeza grass-haired
बर्हिष्ठम् ind. barhiSTham loudest
बर्हिष्ठम् ind. barhiSTham strongest
बर्हिस्तृण n. barhistRNa blade of the sacrificial grass
बर्हिच्छद m. barhicchada feather of a peacock
बर्हिच्छद n. barhicchada plumage of a peacock
बर्हिध्वज m. barhidhvaja symbolised by a peacock
बर्हिणवाज m. barhiNavAja arrow feathered with peacock's plumes
बर्हिर्मुख m. barhirmukha deity
बर्हिर्मुख m. barhirmukha fire-mouthed
बर्हिरुत्थ m. barhiruttha arising from grass
बर्हिरुत्थ m. barhiruttha fire
बर्हिःशुष्मन् m. barhiHzuSman fire
बर्हिःशुष्मन् m. barhiHzuSman god of fire
बर्हिणवासस् adj. barhiNavAsas provided with peacock's feathers
बर्हिर्ज्योतिस् m. barhirjyotis fire or the god of fire
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