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यतः adj. yataH because
करणेन conj. karaNena because
हि indecl. hi because
यस्मात् ... तस्मात् conj. yasmAt ... tasmAt because ... therefore
हि adverb hi because
यतस् adverb yatas because
यर्हि ind. yarhi because
ही ind. hI because
हिन ind. hina because
यथा ind. yathA because
यदर्थम् ind. yadartham because
यत्कारणम् ind. yatkAraNam because
यदर्थे ind. yadarthe because
येन ind. yena because
उपजीव्य adj. upajIvya because of
यस्मात् ind. yasmAt because that
फलयोगात् ind. phalayogAt because the reward falls to share
अवक्लिन्नपक्व adj. avaklinnapakva trickling because of being over-ripe
कुतस् ind. kutas wherefore? why? from what cause or motive? because
अपुत्रिक m. aputrika father of a daughter not fit to be adopted as a son because of her not having any male offspring
अर्थापत्तिसम f.n. arthApattisama inference by which the quality of any object is attributed to another object because of their sharing some other quality in common [phil.]
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