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सम्पन्न ppp. sampanna become
भवति verb 1 bhavati { bhU } become
शुष्यति verb 4 intr. zuSyati { zuS } become dry
verb 4 Par { klid } become damp
तालवृन्ती भवति verb tAlavRntI bhavati { tAlavRntIbhu } become a fan
तालवृन्ती भवति verb tAlavRntI bhavati { tAlavRntIbhu } become a fan
पुत्री भवति verb putrI bhavati { putrIbhU } become a son
मानुषी भवति verb mAnuSI bhavati { mAnuSIbhU } become a man
म्लायति verb 1 Par mlAyati { mlai } become faint
verb 9 Par { stambh } become stiff
नेत्रतां याति verb netratAM yAti { netratAMyA } become an eye
मुसली भवति verb musalI bhavati { musalIbhU } become a club
पल्वली भवति verb palvalI bhavati { palvalIbhU } become a pool
पतीयति verb patIyati become strong
शूद्री भवति verb zUdrI bhavati { zUdrIbhU } become a zUdra
तरुणी भवति verb taruNI bhavati { taruNIbhu } become a youth
तरुणी भवति verb taruNI bhavati { taruNIbhu } become a youth
किङ्करी भवति verb kiGkarI bhavati { kiMkarIbhU } become a slave
अतिथी भवति verb atithI bhavati become a guest
हर्षति / -ते verb 1 harSati / -te { hRS } become on edge
म्लायति verb 1 Par mlAyati { mlai } become languid
verb 9 Par { stambh } become haughty
भूष्णु adj. bhUSNu about to become
बुध्यति / -ते verb budhyati / -te become aware of
मर्त्यी भवति verb martyI bhavati { martyIbhU } become a mortal
मित्री भवति verb mitrI bhavati { mitrIbhU } become a friend
निषङ्गी भवति verb niSaGgI bhavati { niSaGgIbhU } become a quiver
पयोधरी भवति verb payodharI bhavati { payodharIbhU } become an udder
व्यक्ती भवति verb 1 vyaktI bhavati { bhU } become manifest
प्रत्यक्षी भवति verb 1 pratyakSI bhavati become manifest
क्रोडी करोति verb kroDI karoti { kroDIkR } become master of
भृत्यी भवति verb bhRtyI bhavati { bhRtyIbhU } become a servant
वालव्यजनी भवति verb vAlavyajanI bhavati { vAlavyajanIbhU } become a chowrie
मयूरी भवति verb mayUrI bhavati { mayUrIbhU } become a peacock
वाहनी भवति verb vAhanI bhavati { vAhanIbhU } become a vehicle
ब्राह्मणी भवति verb brAhmaNI bhavati { brAhmaNIbhU } become a Brahman
लोहिती भवति verb lohitI bhavati { lohitIbhU } be or become red
मुह्यते verb 4 muhyate { muh } become senseless
सविधी भवति verb savidhI bhavati { savidhIbhU } be or become near
व्यजनी भवति verb vyajanI bhavati { vyajanIbhU } become or be a fan
विदूरी भवति verb vidUrI bhavati { vidUrIbhU } become far distant
नौ भवति verb nau bhavati { naubhU } be or become a ship
पिण्डी भवति verb piNDI bhavati { piNDIbhU } become a solid body
दासी भवति verb dAsI bhavati { dAsIbhU } become the slave of
मन्दी भवति verb mandI bhavati { mandIbhU } become weak or faint
पवित्री भवति verb pavitrI bhavati { pavitrIbhU } become pure or clean
बन्धू भवति verb bandhU bhavati { bandhUbhU } become a relative of
सङ्कोचम् करोति verb 8 saGkocam karoti { kR } become shy or modest
बोधति / -ते verb bodhati / -te { budh } become or be aware of
प्रलीयते verb 4 + l pralIyate { pra- lI } become dissolved into
वक्री भवति verb vakrI bhavati { vakrIbhU } become crooked or bent
बहुली भवति verb bahulI bhavati { bahulIbhU } become public or known
लक्ष्यी भवति verb lakSyI bhavati { lakSyIbhU } become an aim or object
परिपन्थी भवति verb paripanthI bhavati { paripanthIbhU } become the adversary of
हर्षति / -ते verb 1 harSati / -te { hRS } become sexually excited
द्वन्द्वी भवति verb dvandvI bhavati { dvaMdvIbhU } become joined in couples
चूर्णी भवति verb cUrNI bhavati { cUrNIbhU } become smashed to pieces
दस्युसाद् भवति verb dasyusAd bhavati { dasyusAdbhu } become a prey to robbers
कृशी भवति verb kRzI bhavati { kRzIbhU } become lean or emaciated
दस्युसाद् भवति verb dasyusAd bhavati { dasyusAdbhu } become a prey to robbers
मूर्खी भवति verb mUrkhI bhavati { mUrkhIbhU } become stupid or foolish
वैद्या भविष्यति sent. vaidyA bhaviSyati She will become a doctor.
पक्षी करोति verb pakSI karoti { pakSIkR } become master of anything
विरसी भवति verb virasI bhavati { virasIbhU } become sapless or insipid
महाजनः संवृत्तः भवान्! sent. mahAjanaH saMvRttaH bhavAn! you have become a big man!
प्रवणी भवति verb pravaNI bhavati { pravaNIbhU } become favourably disposed
दुर्बली भवति verb durbalI bhavati { durbalIbhU } become weak or ineffective
विषमी भवति verb viSamI bhavati { viSamIbhU } become uneven or irregular
कुत्सी भवति verb kutsI bhavati { kutsIbhU } become subject to reproach
क्षमी भवति verb kSamI bhavati { kSamIbhU } become able to do anything
साक्षिमात्र करोति verb sAkSimAtra karoti { sAkSimAtrakR } become a neutral eyewitness
मया तवानुचरेण भवितव्यम् sent. mayA tavAnucareNa bhavitavyam I must become your companion
विचूर्णी भवति verb vicUrNI bhavati { vicUrNIbhU } become pulverized or smashed
पृष्ठी भवति verb pRSThI bhavati { pRSThIbhU } become depressed or dejected
गृही भवति verb gRhI bhavati { gRhIbhU } become a house or habitation
निमित्ती भवति verb nimittI bhavati { nimittIbhU } become a cause or reason for
हर्षति / -ते verb 1 harSati / -te { hRS } become erect, stiff or rigid
व्याकुली भवति verb vyAkulI bhavati { vyAkulIbhU } become perplexed or bewildered
बहली भवति verb bahalI bhavati { bahalIbhU } become a thick or compact mass
लक्षी भवति verb lakSI bhavati { lakSIbhU } become a mark or aim or object
किं भोः, बहु कृशः जातः? sent. kiM bhoH, bahu kRzaH jAtaH? Hey, You have become very weak.
निष्पन्दतरी भवति verb niSpandatarI bhavati { niSpandatarIbhU } become more or quite motionless
वशी भवति verb vazI bhavati { vazIbhU } become subject to another's will
क्व ind. kva how is it with? what has become of?
क्षेत्री करोति verb kSetrI karoti { kSetrIkR } take possession or become master of
मरू भवति verb marU bhavati { marUbhU } become a wilderness or sandy desert
व्यक्ती भवति verb vyaktI bhavati { vyaktIbhU } become manifest or clear or distinct
चेतनी करोति verb cetanI karoti { cetanIkR } cause to perceive or become conscious
वलयी भवति verb valayI bhavati { valayIbhU } become a circle or circular enclosure
विरजी भवति verb virajI bhavati { virajIbhU } be or become free from dust or passion
विषयी भवति verb viSayI bhavati { viSayIbhU } become an object of sense or perception
क्व गतः तव मय्यनुरागः? sent. kva gataH tava mayyanurAgaH? What has become of your affection for me?
द्वैधी भवति verb dvaidhI bhavati { dvaidhIbhU } become separated or divided into two parts
पात्री भवति verb pAtrI bhavati { pAtrIbhU } become a fitting recipient or worthy object
वर्णी भवति verb varNI bhavati { varNIbhU } become or be changed into an articulate sound
काष्ठी भवति verb kASThI bhavati { kASThIbhU } stand stock still or become immovable like a piece of wood
सम्प्राप्त adj. samprApta become
भवित adj. bhavita become
वृत्त adj. vRtta become
भूत adj. bhUta become