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खट्वा f. khaTvA bedstead
खट्वा f. khaTvA bedstead
खट्वाका f. khaTvAkA bedstead
मञ्च m. maJca bedstead
पल्यङ्क m. palyaGka bedstead
मत्तवारण n. mattavAraNa bedstead
खट्वका f. khaTvakA small bedstead
खट्विका f. khaTvikA small bedstead
जङ्घा f. jaGghA part of a bedstead
खट्वातले ind. khaTvAtale under the bedstead [loc.]
खिङ्खिर m. khiGkhira foot of a bedstead
शैरस n. zairasa head of a bedstead
अतिखट्व adj. atikhaTva beyond the bedstead
खट्वीयति verb khaTvIyati { khaTvIya } treat as a bedstead
खाट्वाभारिक adj. khATvAbhArika laden with bedsteads
पञ्चखट्वी f. paJcakhaTvI collection of 5 bedsteads
तिरश्च n. tirazca cross-board of a bedstead
खट्वाभार m. khaTvAbhAra load consisting of bedsteads
अतिखट्व adj. atikhaTva able to do without a bedstead
शयनविध adj. zayanavidha having the form of a bedstead
खुर m. khura particular part of the foot of a bedstead
निष्कुट n. niSkuTa hole of a particular shape in the frame of a bedstead
वत्सनाभ n. vatsanAbha cavity of a particular shape in the frame of a bedstead
खाट m. khATa cot or bedstead on which dead bodies are conveyed to the pyre
खट्वाङ्ग m.n. khaTvAGga club shaped like the foot of a bedstead i.e. a club or staff with a skull at the top
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