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लोट् loT imperative mood - command; entreaty; benediction; courteous enquiry; gentle advice and others. [gramm. - Sanskrit]
मङ्गलेच्छा f. maGgalecchA benediction
शुभाशिस् f. zubhAzis benediction
आशिस् f. Azis benediction
आशीरुक्ति f. AzIrukti benediction
स्वस्तिवाच् f. svastivAc benediction
प्रशस्ति f. prazasti benediction
मङ्गलवाद m. maGgalavAda benediction
आशीर्वाद m. AzIrvAda benediction
अञ्जलि m. aJjali benediction
स्वस्तिवाचक m. svastivAcaka benediction
अधिष्ठान n. adhiSThAna benediction
स्वस्तिवचन n. svastivacana benediction
मङ्गलाचरण n. maGgalAcaraNa benediction
आलापन n. AlApana benediction
स्वस्त्ययन n. svastyayana benediction
आशास्य n. AzAsya benediction
आशीर्वचन n. AzIrvacana benediction
आशीर्वचनाक्षेप m. AzIrvacanAkSepa deprecatory benediction
आशीर्ग्रहण n. AzIrgrahaNa accepting a benediction
स्तुतिमङ्गल n. stutimaGgala praises and benedictions
मङ्गलवादिन् adj. maGgalavAdin pronouncing a benediction
ब्राह्मणवाचन n. brAhmaNavAcana recitation of benedictions
आशीर्गेय n. AzIrgeya song together with benediction
आशीर्दाया f. AzIrdAyA fulfilment of a benediction or wish
आशीर्दा f. AzIrdA fulfilment of a benediction or wish
काव्यसंहार m. kAvyasaMhAra benediction pronounced at the end of a play
आशीर्वादाभिधानवत् adj. AzIrvAdAbhidhAnavat containing a word which expresses benediction
स्वधाकार m. svadhAkAra pronouncing the benediction svadhA or the exclamation itself
स्वधा adverb svadhA exclamation or benediction used on during the oblation or libation to the gods or departed ancestors
मङ्गलाष्टक n. maGgalASTaka 8 lines of benediction pronounced for good luck by a Brahman on a newly-wedded pair while a piece of cloth is held between them
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