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भजन n. bhajana worship
भजन n. bhajana the act of sharing
द्वन्द्व-भाजन n. dvandva-bhAjana dichotomy [Logic. Ex.: white/black, high/low etc.]
भजन adj. bhajana participating in
भाजन adj. bhAjana sharing or participating in
भाजन adj. bhAjana entitled or relating or belonging to
भजन adj. bhajana sharing
भाजन n. bhAjana sharing
भाजन n. bhAjana representation
भाजन n. bhAjana any fit object or clever or deserving person
भाजन n. bhAjana receptacle
भाजन n. bhAjana place or person in which anything is collected or in whom any quality is conspicuous
भाजन n. bhAjana tray
भजन n. bhajana reverence
भाजन n. bhAjana cup
भाजन n. bhAjana pot
भाजन n. bhAjana plate
भाजन n. bhAjana act of representing
भाजन n. bhAjana reservoir
भजन n. bhajana possession
भजन n. bhajana act of sharing
भाजन n. bhAjana subject
भाजन n. bhAjana container
भाजन n. bhAjana partaker of
भाजन n. bhAjana division [arithmetic]
भाजन n. bhAjana recipient
भजन n. bhajana adoration
भाजन n. bhAjana vessel
भाजन n. bhAjana particular measure
भाजनता f. bhAjanatA possession of
भाजनता f. bhAjanatA being a vessel for
भाजनत्व n. bhAjanatva being a fit vessel for
भाजनत्व n. bhAjanatva merit
भाजनत्व n. bhAjanatva worthiness
भाजनवत् adj. bhAjanavat word used to explain bhadra
भाजनलोक m. bhAjanaloka world of inanimate things
भजनवारिक m. bhajanavArika particular official in a Buddhist monastery
भाजनवारिक m. bhAjanavArika vessel-keeper
भजनं करोति verb bhajanaM karoti { kR } adore
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