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भावकरण m. bhAvakaraNa address [speech]
भावक adj. bhAvaka imagining
भावक adj. bhAvaka promoting any one's welfare
भावक adj. bhAvaka fancying
भावक adj. bhAvaka singing with expression
भावक adj. bhAvaka causing to be
भावक adj. bhAvaka having a taste for the beautiful or poetical singing
भावक adj. bhAvaka effecting
भवक m. bhavaka existence
भावक m. bhAvaka affection
भावक m. bhAvaka external expression of amatory sentiments
भावक m. bhAvaka sentiment
भवक m. bhavaka being
भावकर्मन् n. bhAvakarman neuter and passive state
भवकान्तार n. bhavakAntAra the wilderness of worldly existence
भावकर्तृक adj. bhAvakartRka an impersonal verb on
भावकर्तृक adj. bhAvakartRka having for its agent the state implied by it
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