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भावना f. bhAvanA concept [computer]
भवन n. bhavana building
भवन n. bhavana dwelling
भवन n. bhavana residence
भवन n. bhavana edifice
भवनासृष्ट adj. bhavanAsRSTa imaginary
भावन adj. bhAvana fancying
भावन adj. bhAvana promoting or effecting any one's welfare
भावन adj. bhAvana effecting
भावन adj. bhAvana causing to be
भावन adj. bhAvana manifesting
भावन adj. bhAvana producing
भावन adj. bhAvana displaying
भावन adj. bhAvana teaching
भावन adj. bhAvana imagining
भावन f. bhAvana thought
भावना f. bhAvanA moral of a fable
भावना f. bhAvanA infusion
भावना f. bhAvanA effecting
भावना f. bhAvanA feeling of devotion
भावना f. bhAvanA crow
भावना f. bhAvanA faith in something
भावना f. bhAvanA attitude
भावना f. bhAvanA steeping
भावना f. bhAvanA cultivating
भावना f. bhAvanA finding by combination or composition
भावना f. bhAvanA water
भावना f. bhAvanA reflection
भावना f. bhAvanA demonstration
भावन f. bhAvana apprehension
भावन f. bhAvana supposition
भावन f. bhAvana application of perfumes
भावना f. bhAvanA right conception or notion
भावना f. bhAvanA argument
भावन f. bhAvana fancy
भावना f. bhAvanA contemplation
भावन f. bhAvana forming in the mind [used as neuter as well]
भावन f. bhAvana meditation
भावन f. bhAvana that cause of memory which arises from direct perception
भावना f. bhAvanA feeling
भावना f. bhAvanA saturating any powder with fluid
भावना f. bhAvanA ascertainment
भावन m. bhAvana creator
भावन m. bhAvana efficient
भावन m. bhAvana producer
भवन m. bhavana dog
भवन n. bhavana production
भावन n. bhAvana forest of rays
भवन n. bhavana house
भवन n. bhavana site
भवन n. bhavana place where anything grows
भवन n. bhavana birth
भवन n. bhavana water
भवन n. bhavana receptacle
भवन n. bhavana natal star
भावन n. bhAvana act of producing or effecting
भावन n. bhAvana furthering
भावन n. bhAvana conception
भावन n. bhAvana star fruit [Dillenia Speciosa - Bot.]
भावन n. bhAvana nature
भवन n. bhavana home
भावन n. bhAvana imagination
भावन n. bhAvana essence
भवन n. bhavana coming into existence
भवन n. bhavana mansion
भवन n. bhavana palace
भवन n. bhavana horoscope
भवन n. bhavana abode
भावन n. bhAvana promoting
भवन n. bhavana place of abode
भवन n. bhavana dwelling place
भावनामय adj. bhAvanAmaya produced by imagination or meditation
भावनामयी f. bhAvanAmayI wisdom obtained by meditation
भवनपति m. bhavanapati particular class of gods
भवनाशिनी f. bhavanAzinI destroying worldly existence
भवनद्वार n. bhavanadvAra palace-gate
भावनामार्ग m. bhAvanAmArga spiritual state
भावनायुक्त adj. bhAvanAyukta anxious
भावनायुक्त adj. bhAvanAyukta thoughtful
भावनाश्रय m. bhAvanAzraya refuge of thought
भवनस्थान n. bhavanasthAna place or room for a house
भवनस्वामिन् m. bhavanasvAmin pater familias
भवनस्वामिन् m. bhavanasvAmin lord of a house
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