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भविक adj. bhavika prosperous
भविक adj. bhavika well-meaning
भविक adj. bhavika right
भाविक adj. bhAvika full of feeling or sentiment
भाविक adj. bhAvika natural
भाविक adj. bhAvika { - kI } real [actually being or existing]
भविक adj. bhavika righteous
भाविक adj. bhAvika future
भविक adj. bhavika pious
भाविक adj. bhAvika actually being or existing
भाविक adj. bhAvika expressive
भविक adj. bhavika well
भविक adj. bhavika happy
भाविक n. bhAvika figure of speech which consists in describing the past or future so vividly that it appears to be present
भाविक n. bhAvika language full of feeling or passion
भविक n. bhavika salutary state
भविक n. bhavika happiness
भविक n. bhavika prosperity
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