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भव्य adj. bhavya appropriate
भव्य adj. bhavya adequate
भव्य adj. bhavya grand
भव्य adj. bhavya likely to be
भाव्य adj. bhAvya to be convicted
भव्य adj. bhavya auspicious
भव्य adj. bhavya present
भव्य adj. bhavya suitable
भव्य adj. bhavya gracious
भाव्य adj. bhAvya easy to guess or understand
भव्य adj. bhavya proper
भव्य adj. bhavya on the point of becoming
भव्य adj. bhavya future
भाव्य adj. bhAvya to be effected or accomplished or performed
भव्य adj. bhavya beautiful
भव्य adj. bhavya right
भव्य adj. bhavya handsome
भव्य adj. bhavya existing
भव्य adj. bhavya to be about to be or become
भव्य adj. bhavya true
भाव्य adj. bhAvya future
भाव्य adj. bhAvya to be imagined or conceived
भव्य adj. bhavya being
भव्य adj. bhavya good
भव्य adj. bhavya favourable
भाव्य adj. bhAvya to be apprehended or perceived
भव्य adj. bhavya pious
भव्य adj. bhavya what ought to be
भव्य adj. bhavya excellent
भव्य adj. bhavya fortunate
भाव्य adj. bhAvya to be argued or demonstrated or admitted or approved
भाव्य adj. bhAvya about to be or what ought to be or become
भव्य adj. bhavya pleasant
भव्य adj. bhavya righteous
भव्य adj. bhavya fit
भव्य m. bhavya starfruit tree or plant [Averrhoa Carambola - Bot.]
भव्य m. bhavya particular class of gods under manu cAkSuSa
भव्य m. bhavya Thai long pepper [Piper Chaba - Bot.]
भव्य n. bhavya fruit
भव्य n. bhavya that which is or exists
भव्य n. bhavya elephant apple fruit or starfruit [Dillenia Speciosa or Averrhoa Carambola - Bot.]
भव्य n. bhavya prosperity
भव्य n. bhavya result
भाव्य n. bhAvya it is to be by
भव्य n. bhavya future time
भव्य n. bhavya being present
भव्य n. bhavya reward
भाव्य n. bhAvya it should be understood
भव्य n. bhavya good result
भव्य n. bhavya bone
भव्यता f. bhavyatA futurity
भव्यता f. bhavyatA suitableness
भव्यता f. bhavyatA beauty
भव्यता f. bhavyatA excellence
भाव्यत्व n. bhAvyatva futurity
भाव्यत्व n. bhAvyatva state of being about to happen
भव्याकृति adj. bhavyAkRti lovely
भव्याकृति adj. bhavyAkRti of good form or appearance
भव्याकृति adj. bhavyAkRti beautiful
भव्यरूप adj. bhavyarUpa beautiful
भव्यरूप adj. bhavyarUpa handsome
भव्यरूप n. bhavyarUpa good figure or form
भव्यमनस् adj. bhavyamanas benevolent
भव्यमनस् adj. bhavyamanas well-meaning
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