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भयानक adj. bhayAnaka scary
भयानक adj. bhayAnaka fearful
भयानक adj. bhayAnaka dreadful
भयानक adj. bhayAnaka horrible
भयन n. bhayana fear
भयन n. bhayana alarm
भयानक adj. bhayAnaka terrible
भयानक adj. bhayAnaka sinister
भयानक adj. bhayAnaka formidable
भयानक m. bhayAnaka tiger
भयानक m. bhayAnaka rAhu or the ascending node personified
भयानक m. bhayAnaka sentiment of
भयानक n. bhayAnaka terror
भयनाशन adj. bhayanAzana removing fear
भयनाशिनी f. bhayanAzinI pakhur fig tree [Ficus Heterophylla - Bot.]
भयानकत्व n. bhayAnakatva fearfulness
भयानकत्व n. bhayAnakatva formidableness
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