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Sanskrit Grammar Transliteration English
भोग m. bhoga enjoyment
भोगकर m. bhogakara producing enjoyment
भोगकरी f. bhogakarI producing enjoyment
भोगतृष्णा f. bhogatRSNA thirst for worldly enjoyment
भोग m. bhoga use
भोग m. bhoga perception
भोग m. bhoga expanded hood of a snake
भोग m. bhoga sensual pleasure
भोग m. bhoga wealth
भोग m. bhoga revenue
भोग m. bhoga indulgence
भोग m. bhoga hire
भोग m. bhoga body
भोग m. bhoga use of a deposit
भोग m. bhoga joy
भोग m. bhoga pleasure
भोग m. bhoga experiencing
भोग m. bhoga advantage
भोग m. bhoga sexual enjoyment
भोग m. bhoga numerator of a fraction
भोग m. bhoga coil
भोग m. bhoga enjoyment of food
भोग m. bhoga usufruct
भोग m. bhoga possession
भोग m. bhoga feeding on
भोग m. bhoga any object of enjoyment
भोग m. bhoga snake
भोग m. bhoga part of the ecliptic occupied by each of the 27 lunar mansions
भोग m. bhoga delight
भोग m. bhoga eating
भोग m. bhoga utility
भोग m. bhoga profit
भोग m. bhoga feeling
भोग m. bhoga any winding or curve
भोग m. bhoga sway
भोग m. bhoga passing through a constellation
भोग m. bhoga enjoyment of the earth or of a country i.e. rule
भोग m. bhoga vantage
भोग m. bhoga wages
भोग m. bhoga property
भोग m. bhoga fruition
भोग m. bhoga application
भोगदा f. bhogadA granting enjoyments
भोगाधि m. bhogAdhi pledge or deposit which may be used until redeemed
भोगान्त m. bhogAnta end of enjoyment or of suffering
भोगार्ह adj. bhogArha to be enjoyed or possessed
भोगार्ह adj. bhogArha fit for enjoyments
भोगार्ह n. bhogArha money
भोगार्ह n. bhogArha property
भोगत्व n. bhogatva state of being curved or winding
भोगत्व n. bhogatva curvedness
भोगवत् adj. bhogavat delightful
भोगवत् adj. bhogavat having or offering enjoyments
भोगवत् adj. bhogavat furnished with a hood
भोगवत् adj. bhogavat serpent or serpent-demon
भोगवत् adj. bhogavat furnished with enjoyments
भोगवत् adj. bhogavat prosperous
भोगवत् adj. bhogavat coiled
भोगवत् adj. bhogavat furnished with windings or curves or rings
भोगवत् adj. bhogavat ringed
भोगवत् adj. bhogavat happy
भोगवत् m. bhogavat mimics
भोगवत् m. bhogavat dancing
भोगभुज् adj. bhogabhuj enjoying pleasures
भोगभुज् m. bhogabhuj wealthy man
भोगदेह m. bhogadeha body of feeling
भोगगृह n. bhogagRha harem on
भोगगृह n. bhogagRha pleasure-chamber
भोगगृह n. bhogagRha women's apartments
भोगजात adj. bhogajAta produced by enjoyment or by suffering
भोगकर adj. bhogakara producing or affording enjoyment
भोगपाल m. bhogapAla groom
भोगपति m. bhogapati governor of a town or province
भोगपति m. bhogapati revenue-lord
भोगार्ह्य n. bhogArhya corn
भोगार्ह्य n. bhogArhya grain
भोगवाद m. bhogavAda Epicureanism
भोगावली f. bhogAvalI panegyric of professional encomiasts or bards
भोगावासा f. bhogAvAsA sleeping-room
भोगावास m. bhogAvAsa women's apartments
भोगावास m. bhogAvAsa abode of pleasure
भोगवती f. bhogavatI city of the serpent-demons in the subterranean regions
भोगवती f. bhogavatI night of the 2nd lunar day
भोगवती f. bhogavatI sacred river of the serpent-demons
भोगवती f. bhogavatI serpent-nymph
भोगभूमि f. bhogabhUmi place where people enjoy the reward of their works
भोगभूमि f. bhogabhUmi fruition-land
भोगलाभ m. bhogalAbha acquisition of profit
भोगलाभ m. bhogalAbha gain or profit made by the use of anything deposited or pledged
भोगलाभ m. bhogalAbha welfare
भोगनाथ m. bhoganAtha nourisher
भोगनाथ m. bhoganAtha supporter
भोगतृष्णा f. bhogatRSNA selfish enjoyments
भोगतृष्णा f. bhogatRSNA desire of worldly enjoyments
भोगवस्तु n. bhogavastu object of enjoyment
भोगगुच्छ n. bhogaguccha hire of prostitution
भोगसद्मन् n. bhogasadman seat or abode of pleasure
भोगसद्मन् n. bhogasadman women's apartments
भोगस्थान n. bhogasthAna body
भोगस्थान n. bhogasthAna women's apartments