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बिम्बा f. bimbA spiny bitter gourd [Momordica monadelpha - Bot.]
बिम्ब m. bimba object compared
बिम्ब m. bimba lizard
बिम्ब m. bimba chameleon
बिम्ब m. bimba picture
बिम्ब m.n. bimba any disk
बिम्ब m.n. bimba reflected or represented form
बिम्ब m.n. bimba sphere
बिम्ब m.n. bimba type
बिम्ब m.n. bimba orb
बिम्ब m.n. bimba mirror
बिम्ब m.n. bimba disk of the sun or moon
बिम्ब m.n. bimba shadow
बिम्ब n. bimba disc
बिम्ब n. bimba fruit of [Momordica monadelpha - Bot.]
बिम्ब n. m. bimba image
बिम्बजा f. bimbajA spiny bitter gourd [Momordica monadelpha - Bot.]
बिम्बक n. bimbaka disk of the sun or moon
बिम्बक n. bimbaka round form
बिम्बक n. bimbaka roundness
बिम्बक n. bimbaka fruit of spiny bitter gourd [Momordica monadelpha - Bot.]
बिम्बर n. bimbara particular high number
बिम्बट m. bimbaTa mustard plant
बिम्बागत adj. bimbAgata gone to an image
बिम्बागत adj. bimbAgata reflected
बिम्बाधर m. bimbAdhara nether lip
बिम्बफल n. bimbaphala bimba fruit
बिम्बप्रतिबिम्ब bimbapratibimba original and counterfeit
बिम्बप्रतिबिम्ब bimbapratibimba object of comparison and that with which it is compared
बिम्बफलाधरोष्ठ adj. bimbaphalAdharoSTha having lips as red as the bimba fruit
बिम्बप्रतिबिम्बभाव m. bimbapratibimbabhAva condition of original and counterfeit
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