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बुद्बुदन n. budbudana boiling
क्वथन n. kvathana boiling
ओषण - पट्ट m. oSaNa - paTTa boiling plate [hot plate]
बुद्बुदाङ्क m. budbudAGka boiling point
विद्युद् - ओषण - पट्ट m. vidyud - oSaNa - paTTa electric boiling plate [electricity]
प्रकेवल बुद्वुदाङ्क m. prakevala budvudAGka absolute boiling point [Chem.]
श्रापिन् adj. zrApin boiling
पाक m. pAka boiling
प्रक्वाथ m. prakvAtha boiling
क्वाथ m. kvAtha boiling
श्रपण n. zrapaNa boiling
n. pha boiling
अभिवल्गति verb abhivalgati { abhivalg } bubble up [said of boiling water]
क्वथन n. kvathana boiling by
अकुप्यत् adj. akupyat not boiling
पचनाग्नि m. pacanAgni fire for boiling
व्रतश्रपण n. vratazrapaNa boiling vrata-milk
उत्क्वथति verb utkvathati { utkvath } extract by boiling
परिक्वथति verb parikvathati { parikvath } become boiling hot
उत्क्वथति verb 1 utkvathati { ud- kvath } extract by boiling
निष्क्वाथयति verb caus. niSkvAthayati { niSkvath } thicken by boiling
क्वाथोद्भव adj. kvAthodbhava produced by boiling
पाकज n. pAkaja obtained by boiling
आस्रव m. Asrava foam on boiling rice
सम्पक्व adj. sampakva made tender by boiling
उत्सेचन n. utsecana boiling or foaming over
दुग्धपाचन n. dugdhapAcana vessel for boiling milk
प्रस्रव m. prasrava overflow of boiling rice
मदन्ती f. madantI bubbling or boiling water
पक्ववारि n. pakvavAri boiling or distilled water
विपचति verb vipacati { vipac } dissolve by cooking or boiling
प्रस्राव m. prasrAva overflowing scum of boiling rice
भृष्टि f. bhRSTi act of frying or boiling or roasting
गुड m. guDa first thickening of the juice of the sugar-cane by boiling
प्रमथ्या f. pramathyA kind of paste or dough prepared by boiling any medicinal substance in water
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