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चूडामणि m. cUDAmaNi particular way of foretelling the future
चूडामणि m. cUDAmaNi best or most excellent of
चूडामणि m. cUDAmaNi eclipse of the sun on a Sunday or an eclipse of the moon on a Monday
चूडामणि m. cUDAmaNi jewel worn by men and women on the top of the head
चूडामणि m. cUDAmaNi seed of Rosary Pea [Abrus precatorius - Bot.]
चूडामणि m. cUDAmaNi metre of 4 x 7 syllables
चूडामणि m. cUDAmaNi crest jewel
चूडामणिता f. cUDAmaNitA being a jewel worn on the head
चूडामणिधर m. cUDAmaNidhara cUDAmaNi-wearer
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