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Sanskrit Grammar Transliteration English
चूर्ण n. cUrNa powder
चूर्ण n. cUrNa dust
चूर्णचुल्लि m. cUrNaculli kerosene stove
चूर्णक-शर m. cUrNaka-zara cream of lime
दुग्ध-चूर्ण n. dugdha-cUrNa milk powder
खटी-चूर्णक m. khaTI-cUrNaka chalk lime
चूर्ण adj. cUrNa minute
चूर्ण m. cUrNa lime
चूर्ण m. cUrNa aromatic powder
चूर्ण m. cUrNa chalk
चूर्ण m. cUrNa pounded sandal
चूर्ण n. cUrNa powder flour
चूर्ण n. cUrNa dividing a word by separating double consonant for obtaining a different sense
चूर्ण n. cUrNa rice mixed with sesame
चूर्ण n. cUrNa kind of easy prose
चूर्णक m. cUrNaka kind of SaSTika grain
चूर्णक m. cUrNaka grain fried and pounded
चूर्णक m. cUrNaka chalk-like paleness
चूर्णक n. cUrNaka fragrant powder
चूर्णक n. cUrNaka kind of cake
चूर्णक n. cUrNaka kind of easy prose
चूर्णन n. cUrNana pounding
चूर्णता f. cUrNatA state of dust or powder
चूर्णशस् ind. cUrNazas to powder
चूर्णकार m. cUrNakAra lime-burner
चूर्णपद n. cUrNapada kind of easy prose
चूर्णपद n. cUrNapada peculiar movement
चूर्णयति verb 10 cUrNayati { cUrN } pound
चूर्णयति verb 10 cUrNayati { cUrN } pulverise
चूर्णयति verb 10 cUrNayati { cUrN } reduce to powder or flour
चूर्णयति verb 10 cUrNayati { cUrN } bruise
चूर्णयति verb 10 cUrNayati { cUrN } grind
चूर्णयति verb denom cUrNayati { cUrNaya } crush
चूर्णयोग m. cUrNayoga fragrant compound
चूर्णयोग m. cUrNayoga perfumed powder
चूर्णचुल्लि m. cUrNaculli hearth
चूर्णमुष्टि f. cUrNamuSTi handful of powder or perfume
चूर्णपेषम् ind. cUrNapeSam so as to pulverise
चूर्णखण्ड m. cUrNakhaNDa gravel
चूर्णखण्ड n. cUrNakhaNDa pebble
चूर्णपारद m. cUrNapArada vermilion
चूर्णकुन्तल m. cUrNakuntala lock of hair
चूर्णशाकाङ्क m. cUrNazAkAGka kind of vegetable