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चण adj. caNa renowned or famous for
चन ind. cana and not
चन ind. cana even not
चन ind. cana not even also
चन ind. cana also not
चण m. caNa chick-pea
चनस् n. canas delight
चनस् n. canas enjoy
चनस् n. canas satisfaction
चनस् n. canas be satisfied with
चणका f. caNakA linseed
चणक m. caNaka Bengal gram [chickpea]
चणक m. caNaka chick-pea
चणति verb caNati { caN } go
चणति verb caNati { caN } injure
चणति verb caNati { caN } sound
चणति verb caNati { caN } give
चनति verb 1 canati { can } injure
चनति verb 1 canati { can } sound
चनति verb 1 canati { can } utter a sound
चनति verb 1 canati { can } hurt
चणव m. caNava inferior kind of grain
चाणक्य adj. cANakya composed by cANakya
चाणक्य adj. cANakya made of chick-peas
चणत्व n. caNatva being famous for
छाणक m. chANaka particular mixed caste
चाणकीन adj. cANakIna fit for with the chick-pea
चनसित adj. canasita satisfied
चनसित adj. canasita gracious
किं-चन indecl. kiM-cana to a certain degree
किं-चन indecl. kiM-cana a little
चणद्रुम m. caNadruma devil's thorn plant [Tribulus Lanuginosus - Bot.]
चनस्यति verb canasyati { canasya } delight in
चनस्यति verb canasyati { canasya } enjoy
चणभोजिन् m. caNabhojin eating of chick-peas
चणभोजिन् m. caNabhojin horse
चणपत्त्री f. caNapattrI shrub known as rudantI
चनसयति verb canasayati { canasaya } address with the word canasita
चणकात्मज m. caNakAtmaja cANakya
चणकात्मज m. caNakAtmaja caNaka's son
चाणाररूप्य adj. cANArarUpya
चणकलवण n. caNakalavaNa pease with salt
चणकलवण n. caNakalavaNa sour pease
चणकाम्लवार् n. caNakAmlavAr acid water drops on cicer leaves
चाणक्यश्लोक m. cANakyazloka cANakya's zlokas on morals and principles of government
चाणक्यमूलक n. cANakyamUlaka kind of radish
चनसितोत्तर adj. canasitottara followed by canasita
छनच्छनिति indecl. chanacchaniti imitative of the noise of drops falling on anything hot
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